New Year's Eve Wrap Up

1.  Sorry for the dearth of posts, once again.  I am admittedly fighting “why bother” demons.  I shall try to do better.  I also bought an electric mattress pad which, while totally eliminating the problem of cold toes, presents a new problem with regards to actually getting out of bed and moving toward the computer for anything longer than the briefest of interludes.  Because cold toes.  YOW!

2.  Christmas in the Van was lovely.  Lots of company, a little Charlie Brown tree, and lots of meat.  I hope you all are having a lovely Christmas too.  Remember, this is just Day 7 of 12!  Keep it rollin’!

3.  December’s Mass for my benefactors was offered yesterday.  I will try to get January’s scheduled ASAP.  Deepest thanks to one and all, once again.

4.  I may have a steady job lined up.  It would be 30 hours per week of institutional janitorial work and facility maintenance.  Cash under the table, of course.  The wage hasn’t been hammered out yet, but I am hopeful that it will cover my rent.  If you do the math and make some broad assumptions, you will note that the wage will be a fraction of the so-called “minimum wage”.  Darn right.  When a person is in a situation like mine, the ability to sell one’s labor at a relatively low price means the difference between *some* income and ZERO income.  What I am looking forward to the most is having a firm schedule once again.  Able-bodied people should have a schedule.  Farting around is BAD FOR THE SOUL.

5.  No solution for a PayPal replacement has presented itself, and I am not optimistic on that front.  Cash or blank money orders to the mailing address on the Contact page is still the best bet.  Checks are tricky.  I anticipate having my bank account completely closed soon, and thus won’t have any way to deposit checks.

6.  I have received multiple emails saying, “Why don’t you set up a non-profit?”  The answer is, BECAUSE I’M NOT A CON-ARTIST.  Non-profits, by definition are not supposed to benefit the owner(s).  “Funds realized in the operation of the NPO will not be used to benefit any owners.”  In my case, every cent would “benefit” me, as it would be my disposable income.  Just because everyone else games the massively corrupt non-profit paradigm doesn’t mean I will.  Because… INTEGRITY.  I’d rather be broke and destitute than some sleazy grifter.  You know, like these filthy psycho gutter criminals.

7.  So, you all realize that if you have cable or satellite, you are paying Al Sharpton’s salary, right?  The reason channels like MSNBC continue on with sub-basement ratings is because the vast majority of their revenue comes from cable-sat licensing fees, not advertising revenue.  It matters not how low the ratings are, these channels still receive a cut of every single cable-sat subscriber dollar, and since MSNBC is a “basic cable” channel, that means almost EVERY cable-sat subscriber is subsidizing Al Sharpton, MTV, the sodomite channel and all the rest.  Even the most obscure channels receive high-eight figure annual licensing revenues.  MSNBC probably receives into the hundreds of millions in licensing revenue per year.  If you STILL have pay TV, you are lining that retarded, murderous jackass’s pockets.  Are your precious “shows” more important than your civilization?

Wait.  Don’t answer.  We both know what your answer is.  See item 1.

8.  Happy New Year.  Here’s the Hag being all overly-optimistic, in keeping with the season.  “If We Make It Through December”.


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