Deep, heaving sigh………..

1.  One really doesn’t feel like being amusing or witty when passenger jets at cruising altitude are being shot out of the sky with SAMs, Christian genocides are the order of the day, one’s homeland is physically dissolving, the Vicar of Jesus Christ has no desire to convert anyone, and World War III appears to be beginning.  Not today.

2.  This is the arabic letter “N”, which is the mark the musloids (armed and facilitated by the Obama regime, remember, and who are now, as we speak, streaming across the now-dissolved southern “border” of the former United States) are using to indicate Christian homes and property as they reform the Caliphate.  “N” is for “Nazarenes”.  Any Christians found therein are slaughtered, and all property looted and appropriated.


I began writing about musloids, jihad, taqqiya (the musloid command to lying and deception), the reforming of the musloid Caliphate and jizya (the subjugation paradigm commanded as an intrinsic, core platform of the musloid political system – convert and join the musloid political system, pay a submission tax and live as a fourth-class citizen as long as the musloid oligarchy can bleed economic utility out of you, or be beheaded right now) in 2008 when the usurper puppet Obama came on the scene.  Because it was obvious – OBVIOUS – where this was going and how it would end.  And, here we are.  Anyway, let us embrace “Nun”, and pray, because this is just the very, very beginning, and even if a great leader of men could be found, he would have no army, because there are no more Christian men to rally and muster.  Oddly, the Antichrist, I suspect, will have no problem at all rallying his army.

A Christian home marked with "Nun", indicating that the inhabitants are to be killed (or taken as sex slaves) and the property appropriated for the Caliphate.

A Christian home marked with “Nun”, indicating that the inhabitants are to be killed (or taken as sex slaves) and the property appropriated for the Caliphate.

2.  If you read the facts of Rick Perry’s deployment of 1000 Texas guard troops to the border, you will see that all the troops will be doing is “referring and deterring”, with the “deterring” being essentially meaningless.  Everyone, including the invaders, know darn well that no Americans will ever fire on them.  After traversing the entire latitude of Mexico, do you think they will be afraid of Americans?  Come on.  The guard troops will be helping to deliver the invaders to the FEDGOV, through the DPS, which is executing the Cloward-Piven strategy and will move the invaders further inland and then release them, along with all of their attendant diseases.  Securing the border, as unpleasant as it may sound, will involve nothing less than deploying .50 cals on one mile centers.  Horrific?  Yup.  But this is what happens when you let the Rule of Law be quashed.  It requires fighting a war, complete with copious bloodshed, to re-establish the Rule of Law once lost.  Again, horrific?  Yup.  That’s why a few of us have spent the last several years SCREAMING.  But now it is too late.  That’s why GROWN-UPS who can think more then five seconds into the future and beyond the utterly shallow level of feminine sentimentality need to be in charge and understand the solemn, grave responsibility of maintaining the Rule of Law, due process, and equal protection thereunder.   Perry is positioning for a presidential run and the eight-figure increase in personal wealth that comes from even the weakest presidential “bid”, aka KABUKI THEATER, by appearing to do “something”, while actually playing along with the oligarchy.  Come on.  This isn’t hard.

3.  On a related note, via one of the best aggregation sites on the web today in my opinion,, this quote:

The Red Team keeps chanting about how the solution to immigration begins with securing the border.  That’s self-delusion. We face the dilemma colonized people have always faced. The solution begins with buying the wood for the gallows to be built on the Mall in Washington. It’s only then that we have truly faced up to what we have to do to fix our country.

Look, you can face this fact now, or you can face it later when you are in chains being marched to the mass grave, but these people WILL NOT STOP, WILL NOT SURRENDER POWER of their own accord.  But you WILL be made to face reality and abandon your delusions because reality always, always wins.  If you are in the “Oh no, you can’t make analogies to what has happened in other countries because this is ‘Merica in 2014 and this is DIFFERENT” camp, I’ll actually agree with you.  Wholeheartedly.  This IS different than other periods.  It’s worse.  In fact, I suspect that it may well prove to be the worst ever, by a long shot.  Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

4.  The Obama REGIME is NOT incompetent.  They are achieving all of their goals without any meaningful resistance.  They are allied with islam and they are allied with Moscow, and have been since the beginning.  Discussing the “competence” of Obama the man is like discussing the competence of Charlie McCarthy.  It is nonsensical.  Charlie McCarthy was neither competent nor incompetent.  Edgar Bergen, however, was massively competent.  Again, this isn’t a terribly difficult or nuanced distinction to make.


5.  I have posted this video before and simply can’t say enough about it.  A certain Argentinian prelate should have to watch this with a translator – a translator who is very patient and speaks very sloooowly – until he gets it.  Which might take a while, because being steeped for 78 years in Peronist-Fascist ideology is a darn thick wall to have to penetrate.  But all things are possible…

6.  Speaking of which, don’tcha think that if you gave an interview to someone and they butchered and twisted everything you said into the exact opposite of what you actually meant, that the last, and I mean LAST, thing you would do is turn around and give that person ANOTHER interview?  Or a third?  Yeah.  Me too.  And also everyone else.  Which means that if you DID give another interview to that person after failing to make ANY STATEMENT attempting to clarify any of the “errors” in the first interview, the one and only conclusion that can be drawn is that you heartily approved of the content in both the first AND second published interviews. Just sayin’.

7.  I have a question.  If a marriage can be annulled due to the poor formation of the spouses before the sacrament of marriage occurred, as is being currently postulated, and if something like 50% of all marriages in the Church are “believed” to be annullable for this reason, doesn’t it also stand to reason, by the same line of thinking, that priestly ordinations can also be “annulled” due to poor formation?  If not, isn’t it the height of clericalism to apply this “poor formation” cause of nullity to the sacrament of marriage, which is actually conferred by the spouses themselves upon each other simply because the ministers of the sacrament are lay people, and NOT apply this line of thinking equally to the sacrament of ordination, which is carried out by clergy?  What is good for the goose is good for the gander, no?

(I realize this analogy is deeply flawed, because we all know that far, far, far in excess of half of priests ordained since The Asteroid (™) hit have been ill-formed to the point that they should never have been ordained, with many of them being full-blown heretics or apostates.  Also, the entire line of thinking is utterly laughable because it would also instantly nullify EVERY SINGLE MARRIAGE outside of the Church, EVER, which is categorical nonsense.)

8.  Something I heard years ago which explains MUCH of what we see going on today via Fr. Christopher Roberts:

In 18th century France atheism was beginning to become very popular, especially among the intellectual elite. One of the most prominent, if not the most prominent, French intellectuals at that time was Voltaire, a rabid atheist who hated the Church. Voltaire had a disciple who was a raised in a devout Catholic home who wanted to leave his childhood faith behind and become a free thinker like his teacher. The problem was that no matter how hard he tried, he could not shake his childhood faith in the Real Presence of Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Eucharist.

Voltaire’s response to the letter was simple. He advised the young man to receive the Eucharist as often as possible. But rather than going to confession before receiving Communion, as he had been taught, he should go out and commit as many mortal sins as possible. If the young man did these things, Voltaire explained, he would soon curse God, despise the Church and renounce his faith. The young man took Voltaire’s advice and within four months he had become a convinced atheist and hated everything to do with religion.

Rather than offer arguments claiming that the Catholic belief in the Real Presence was false or superstitious, Voltaire suggested sacrilegious reception of the Sacrament because he knew that sacrilege is a much shorter and more sure road to unbelief than argument.

And isn’t this precisely the way it happens in the lives of so many who fall away from the faith? Very often those who leave the Church do not do so because they are convinced by arguments to switch religions or to stop believing in organized religion or in God; they so do because they have fallen into the habit of receiving Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin, without going to confession, and unrepentant.

Contracepting is a mortal sin.  Sex (all. of. it.) outside of marriage is mortal sin.  Missing Mass on Sunday for no good reason is mortal sin.

Joe Biden, militant pro-abortion and pro-sodomy psychopath oligarch,  receiving the Eucharist from Cardinal Timothy Dolan at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC.

Joe Biden, militant pro-abortion and pro-sodomy psychopath (does not feel shame or guilt) oligarch, receiving the Eucharist from Cardinal Timothy Dolan at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.


Do the math.  Pray with fervor the First Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary every day.  The fruit of pondering Christ’s Agony in the Garden is SORROW FOR SIN.  Contrition.  Go to confession early and often.  Worthy receptions of the physical substance of Our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist help us to have clarity of thought and the ability to parse Reality quickly and accurately.


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.