B.L.T. Wrap

1.  BLTs taste every bit as good when wrapped in a flour tortilla thing as when served on white toast.  Good. To. Know.

2.  OH MY GOODNESS.  Signor Vincenzo over at SanctePater.com has truly outdone himself on the photoshop front.  Check it out… I’m Vasquez!!!


Whoa.  So THAT’S what I would look like with boobs.  Now I know.
Meh.  No thanks.

3.  Just finishing the whole Alien oeuvre stream of consciousness, a friend in Riverville has a recreational interest in marine biology, and pointed out to me that Moray Eels have the double mouth thing that the Alien creators copied.  I was gobsmacked at this information.


4.  Words of extreme wisdom from Uncle Remus:

A couple of generations ago forthrightness was expected, every day, in every thing. It was a measure of maturity. Nobody got away with mushmouth spin, everyone kept to the simple truth as they knew it or they got eased out of adult society and sat at the kid’s table come Thanksgiving. We owe each other our true thoughts in a straightforward way. We don’t have to be right but we do have to be honest. Absent that, we devolve into frillery and artifice. This notion is mostly past tense now, as confirmed by political correctness—social anesthesia if you will. But there are those who carry on, convinced by experience that optimism is warranted only if you see things as they are, or close enough. They carry on not as a heroic mission mind you, it’s just the way they are. We’ll not name names here, they know who they are, it’s a small club.

5.  I’m on a Kentucky Headhunters bender.  It happens.

*Warning:  This video contains both handlebar moustaches and mullets.  Business up front, par-tay in the back, yo.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.