Um, yeah. The NSA is getting all of its facial images from Facebook. Duh.

NSA also collecting facial images in massive database.

Well, duh.  Of course they aren’t getting the biometrics from grainy surveillance cameras fifteen feet above street level.  They’re getting clear, sharp, multi-angled and multi-variabled (hair down, hair in pony tail, beard, no beard, etc.) images of you from YOU on Facebook.

Facebook bought the #1 company in face recognition two years ago.  Here’s the Forbes story on the acquisition.  

Summation by a smart reader:

Facebook worries me more than the NSA though. Two years ago FB bought the #1 company in facial recognition; using such technology they can create shadow profiles for people who aren’t even on FB based on other people uploading photos and tagging them. In short, *you* have a FB profile and a biometric camera connected to the FB facial recognition grid can run a “make” on you in milliseconds.  Of course, that is a service many, many businesses would pay $$$$ for… to know not just that someone walked into their store, but *who* just walked into their store.  If a fan of yours uploaded a photo of themselves with you and *anyone* tagged your photo with your name then FB can match the biometrics.

I’m not worried about myself.  Whenever it happens to me, and whatever happens, it happens.  It’s everyone else that I worry about.

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