BLT Sammiches

1.  BLTs with Hellman’s mayonnaise.  Friends, it is the simple pleasures in life.  Truly.

2.  The video of the man being arrested at the school board meeting because goes over the “two minute” rule for complaining about the fact that his 14 year-old daughter was assigned PORNOGRAPHY in English class.  Oh yeah, I saw it.

Subpoint A.)  It has to be said:  what kind of parent would send their child to a public school today in the first place?  I’m dead serious here.  Public school is handing your children over to Marxist, satanic psychopaths because you (the parents, and let’s face it, grandparents too.  If I was a grandparent, I’d offer to help with the home schooling myself OR chip in to pay for private tutors.  Hey.  Two BRILLIANT ideas in one sentence:  something for the old folks to do besides watching the damn TeeVee AND the call for the resurgence in the private tutoring business!) are too damn greedy and/or lazy to homeschool.  “We can’t AFFORD it.”  Yeah.  The immortal souls of your OWN CHILDREN are of little to no value.  Way to go, post-Christian denizens of the Iniquitous Gutter Kleptarchy.  Way to “take up your crosses.”  Nice hustle.

Subpoint B.)   The most terrifying thing about that video is the fact that NOBODY did ANYTHING to stop than man – who had done nothing wrong – from being arrested.  In fact, they all just sat there trying desperately to pretend that they weren’t seeing any of it.  THAT is what was so chilling.  All of the men (and some of the women) should have leapt to their feet and formed a perimeter around the man.  Make that fat, conscienceless, miserable tick of a wannabe Stormtrooper understand that if he wants to go there, shit can most definitely get REAL.  But no.  No, no.  That roomful of cowards just sat there and watched.  And, you know, that is EXACTLY how it is going to be when the mass arrests and disappearings start.  There will be some minor tyrant (probably a damn woman, as in this case) who will say in an ice-cold tone dripping with faux-politeness, “Sir.  Sir.  Sir I need you to step over to the edge of the ditch, Sir.  Sir, I need you to step over there and kneel down now, Sir.  Sir….”  You want a battle to fight?  You want to make a stand?  I’m sorry, but it isn’t out on that ranch in Nevada.  It was in that room where a FATHER DARED QUESTION A SCHOOL BOARD ABOUT HIS DAUGHTER BEING ASSIGNED PORNOGRAPHY, AND GOT ARRESTED FOR IT.  There’s your battle.  There’s your hill to die on, if ever, ever there was one.

3.  EXTREMELY important point on the IRS being sicced on Tea Party and other conservative donors at TEN TIMES the normal rate.

LISTEN TO ME.  Miserable cowards will try to make the argument that if you haven’t cheated on your taxes or broken any IRS rules, then you should have nothing to worry about.

IT ISN’T ABOUT THAT.  It is about terrorizing and destroying people’s lives and businesses through malicious audit and/or litigation.  BELIEVE ME ON THIS.  I KNOW OF WHAT I SPEAK, GOD KNOWS I DO.  They know that conservatives are far and away the most likely class of people to have clean books and tax returns.  They aren’t looking for malfeasance.  That isn’t the point.  The point is to run up massive accountant and attorney fees and to terrorize and even break you financially (especially if you own a small business, which is by definition more vulnerable to such tactics than a large business.)  A malicious IRS audit or regulatory action or litigation can wipe out months if not YEARS of profit just from the cost of defending yourself.  Thus, my advice, coming from experience:  DO NOT run up massive bills defending these things.  That is exactly what they want.  THAT is their real objective.  Do the bare minimum.  Make their auditors do all of the work, and understand now if you don’t already, that the Rule of Law is dead, and no matter how much evidence you put before these people, the fix is in.  These are all now complete Kangaroo paradigms.  And it will not let up, and it will not end until a counter-revolutionary war has been fought and they are PHYSICALLY removed from power.

4.  Bravo to the many savvy readers who picked up on the fact that the essay immediately before this one about how Catholics and Catholic clergy really don’t actually believe any of it, thus explaining their perpetual contradictions between their words and actions, is EXACTLY the same thing that is going on in politics and everywhere else in post-Christian society.  YES.  Why can Mitt Romney or Glenn Beck (as prominent examples) be Mormon, which is a pile of bee-ess so utterly ridiculous and obvious that  NO ONE can POSSIBLY believe it after even the most cursory exploration (“god the father” is an enlightened space alien, “jesus” and “satan” were brothers, “jesus” became “a god” after becoming “enlightened”, “enlightened” Mormons get their own planet that they then get to be the “god” of, “god the holy ghost” and “god the holy spirit” are two completely different space aliens, blah, blah, blah, black people were disqualified from all of this until the late 1970s until the President/Prophet of the Mormons realized that there was big money in Africa, then, magically, blacks were eligible…sorta.  Oh, and the founder, Joseph Smith, was a career conman with a taste for the 14 year-old virgin daughters of the stupid idiots he was running his scam on (hence the polygamy… just like in islam: lead conman gets caught deflowering someone’s daughter and then claims that “god” told him that he needed multiple wives.  You know… FOR THE CAUSE.)  Anyway, why do these guys get away with this?  Because the expectation in post-Christian western culture across the board vis-a-vis religion is that NOBODY ACTUALLY BELIEVES ANY OF THIS SHIT, SO WHY DOES IT MATTER?  You don’t actually believe YOUR bullshit, and I don’t actually believe MY bullshit, so we’re even, my team is beneficial/lucrative to me, yours might be beneficial/lucrative to you, or we were born into it, and since none of it matters anyway, we just go with it.  #WHATEVS

Also, as many of you noted, this goes for things like, oh, I dunno, THE CONSTITUTION, the RULE OF LAW, etc.  Yes.  Now you’re getting it.  No one in Washington D.C. believes in the Constitution or the Rule of Law.  It is considered antiquated bullshit that IN NO WAY binds or constrains “the cool kids”.  Yep.  Exact same dynamic.

5.  The canonization of John Paul II.  I had a chance to venerate a relic of JP II on the day of the Canonization, and I didn’t.  I regret it now, and here’s why:  JP II was flat wrong and monumentally negligent in some of his actions during his pontificate.  BUT HE KNOWS BETTER NOW.  Do we believe or not?  JP II has been through his Particular Judgment and now KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT THE DEAL IS.  Right?  Do you believe that we are judged by Christ Almighty at the moment of death or not?  Or is that just more “bee-ess” that “the cool kids” don’t ACTUALLY take seriously?  Hmmmm?  Well, I believe it.  And thus, don’t you think that JP II, knowing better than any of us what the deal is and how monumentally infested and messed-up the Church is today due to his actions and negligence, that he in particular, is able to pray for us and for the Church is an especially efficacious way?  I do.  I believe in what the Church teaches.  Pope St. John Paul II, ora pro nobis.

6.  Now, on a completely random tangent, as I was reading today that Paul VI will be beatified in October as the next step in canonizing the Second Vatican Council, (beatification is/was one step below canonization), and how living a life of HEROIC VIRTUE is a criterion for non-martyred sainthood, I suddenly remembered this scene from the ARSH 1953 movie “Roman Holiday” starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.  This is the scene in which Audrey Hepburn’s character gets her hair cut in a Roman beauty parlor.  The hairdresser is played by an Italian actor named Paolo Carlini.  Pope PAUL VI was a HUGE fan of Paolo Carlini.  In fact, Carlini was a frequent visitor at the residence of Cardinal Archbishop Montini in Milan.  Did I mention the actor’s name?  PAOLO.  Oh, and Cardinal Archbishop Montini of Milan, when elected pope in ARSH 1963, took the name PAOLO VI.

Paul VI then oversaw the near-but-not-total destruction of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, allowing Marxist-sodomite infiltrators to run absolutely hog-wild in the Novus Ordo paradigm.  He also sat silently and watched clergy all over the world openly defy his teaching in Humanae Vitae that contraception was grave mortal sin.  The subsequent result was the de facto apostasy of well over 90% of western Catholics, and the collapse of Western Civiliaztion, which you, dear reader, are living through at this moment.  He also betrayed in the most egregious terms the Cardinal of Esztergom, Hungary, a stalwart foe of Communism, who suffered horrific torture and unjust imprisonment at the hands of the Communists.  But Paul Vi was… sympathetic to the Communist worldview.  I will tell you the full story of Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty soon.

Completely random thought.  Don’t mind me.  Enjoy the movie.



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