Just Got a Death Threat from the D.C. Area! UPDATE: AZHAR RAFAT of Fairfax, VA.

If anyone wants to follow up on this, (703) 622-0373 just called my phone number listed on the Contact page and told me they were going to “come and kill me”.  Well, good luck with that, kids.  It was one male and one female, young adults.  I’m just tickled that it was in the D.C./Arlington area!  Woot!  Movin’ on up, yo!

UPDATE:  What excellent readers!  Caller I.D.’d as AZHAR RAFAT of Fairfax, VA.  I told you they were all riding an I.Q. bellcurve shifted two standard deviations to the left.  This is what happens when your dad is also your uncle for thirty generations: you can’t understand the subtle nuances of CALLER I.D.

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