On Christie: Proving the Barnhardt Axiom

Secondary subtitle for this post?  “What in the almighty @#$%^&*! is wrong with you people??

First, let’s review the Barnhardt Axiom:

The fact that a given person is holding or even seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office.

Thank you Chris Christie for ONCE AGAIN proving the point.

I am DESPONDENT at the endless line of people engaging in massive moral relativism, trying to argue that Chris Christie maliciously causing traffic jams in order to punish his political enemies is somehow okay because he isn’t Obama or Mao Tse Tung or satan.  So, you know, by comparison, causing massive traffic delays is totally small ball, so whatevs.

Will you people just stop for two seconds and THINK about what you’re saying?  This man freely chose to maliciously disrupt the lives of hundreds of thousands of people – people  whom he is charged with serving, in order to win some urinating contest with another politician.  Chris Christie, just like all politicians today (see the Barnhardt Axiom), views other human beings as objects that exist only to serve him.  Chris Christie doesn’t give a flying flip about his constituents.  They are a mildly annoying teeming mass of vermin who can be used and abused in order to consolidate, increase and entrench his own personal power and wealth.  He doesn’t care about the man who was trying to get home to his sick wife.  He doesn’t care about the woman trying to get home so she can make it to her kids’ school program.  He doesn’t care about the guy who just worked a 14 hour shift, is totally exhausted, and just wants to go home and go to bed, because he has to wake up tomorrow morning and do it all over again.  Chris Christie doesn’t care about wasting other people’s time.  He doesn’t worry about how his maliciously engineered traffic jam COULD make the two-minute difference between a heart attack victim or head injury victim surviving or dying.

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that I really don’t LIKE very many people.  And you know, we are not required to personally LIKE others.  But we are required to feel some level of empathy and consideration towards other people, and, you know, um, treat them the way we would like to be treated ourselves.  This is what “love of neighbor” is at its most primordial and universal level.  For the eighty-seven billionth time here, caritas, or CHARITY, is to NOT be indifferent towards others, because INDIFFERENCE is the opposite of charity, or love.  Chris Christie has proven that he is completely and totally INDIFFERENT to the very people he has been given authority to govern.  He doesn’t have to personally like everyone, but he is morally required as a human being, and especially as a leader, to not be utterly indifferent to other people, and thus not treat them like objects and pawns in his sick, larcenous quest for power and wealth.

Oh, but it’s okay as long as his indifference manifests itself (for now) in ways less severe than Obama or Stalin or Mao.

So as long as a person hoists a certain flag and declares himself a member of a certain mafia or gang, then you all will breathlessly defend behavior that is not only indefensible, but is a massive, massive red flag warning that said person is a sociopath at best or a psychopath at worst.

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is why I despair and hold out NO HOPE for any sort of internal self-correction or resuscitation of the now-dead United States.  I truly believe that the Marxist infiltrators of the media and entertainment industry intentionally fomented the worship of sports teams in order to engender and normalize exactly what we are seeing here.  If Jock X plays for the Yankees, then he is a bum.  But if he becomes a free agent and goes to the Red Sox, then he can rape girls, deal drugs and torture animals and THAT’S FINE.  Just as long as he is wearing the correct BLOUSE.

Do you not see that “politics” is now the same?  Chris Christie can kiss Obama’s rump, sell out to sodomites, and now prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is malignantly indifferent to the lives of the very people he is supposed to serve and advocate for in the public realm, and you all will rush to defend him with the objective evil of MORAL RELATIVISM simply because he allegedly affiliates himself with the mafia organization called the “Republican Party”, as opposed to the other mafia called the “Democrat Party”, which are actually two explicitly allied “Families” that are just putting on a facade of “competition” because the faux-competition is itself the means by which both families loot trillions of dollars from YOU.  And you not only let them do it, you enjoy it as an entertaining diversion in exactly the same milieu as sports.

How can you possibly continue to fall for this?  How can you possibly think to yourself that these people care about you in any way, and that they are somehow defensible so long as they wave a specific flag AND there is some other psychopath out there who was or is worse, thus making them “okay by comparison”?

“Chris Christie for Office!
He’s a psychopath… but he’s OUR psychopath!”


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