After seeing all of these stories about how blacks are now knocking random people out on the streets, and sometimes killing them, I became inspired to repost this piece written all the way back in ARSH 2010, with a little love letter to everyone’s favorite puddle of Southside garbagejuice, Michelle Obama, kicking it all off.  Remember, the rap videos cited below are now THREE YEARS OLD.  In a culture wherein the depravity curve has gone parabolic, the rap shown below is now relatively TAME, not just in relation to other rap acts, but now in comparison to white girl teeny-boppers.  My point?  Because we as a culture refused to shut this crap down while we still could, our culture is now doomed, and deserves to be destroyed.

The reposting of this essay was inspired by Michelle Obama inviting a “rapper” to perform at a “poetry” event at the White House. The rapper, Common, is a filth monger very similar to the rapper cited below, L’il Wayne.

Hey Michelle, your taste in music is despicable and you need to keep your filthy, degenerate rap-trash friends out of the People’s House. And don’t you dare tell me that I simply don’t understand “your culture”. I understand “your culture” completely. It is rotten to the bone and satanic to the core. The race card has been officially maxed-out, Michelle. You have cowed good, decent people of all colors and races in this country for decades into tolerating filth and evil in our culture. But that era is over now, Hon. We have had enough, and WE WILL NOT BE COWED AND INTIMIDATED ANY LONGER. We are here, we never left, and we are mad as hell, so you and your filth-peddling friends better step back. And take your Godforsaken rap noise back to the gutter with you where it belongs.


“Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.”

“Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.”

–George Orwell

I’m making this post because I suspect that most of the people who read this blog have absolutely no idea how bad the rap/hip-hop culture has become. From what I can tell about my readership, I’m guessing that the average reader is white, male, rural, over 50, and, apparently, retired from the United States Air Force. What up, flyboys.

First, I want to show you a couple of videos of contemporary, popular, chart-topping rap/hip-hop. I was a kid when rap first started and the popular acts were Run DMC and MC Hammer. Rap was simply rythmic speech laid over a simple beat track. It was crude in the sense that it was lyrically stupid and lazy, and did not contain any intrinsic beauty. The lyrics were often shouted and/or grunted, and if there was more than one voice, the combination of shouting voices produced sonic dissonance. I think that we all made the mistake of dismissing it as a fad, thinking that something with no intelligence or beauty could persist. It wasn’t a fad. It was the beginning of a cancerous evil. If you are like me and have not really listened to any rap music in 20+ years, you need to listen to these videos so that you can understand the level of sheer evil that we are now dealing with.

CONTENT WARNING. These videos are EXTREMELY graphic. There are no images – I refuse to post the “music videos” because they are pornography, and even in the interests of education and intelligence gathering, I just can’t do it. These videos are simply the text of the lyrics, because most of us couldn’t understand what was being said without the lyrics printed. But believe me, the children who are listening to this garbage read the lyrics and know every word by heart – so we need to know too. The language is extremely profane and sexually graphic. It could certainly be characterized as verbal pornography. If you feel that you can’t handle such things, DON’T WATCH. And for goodness sake, make sure there are no children within earshot. Finally, as you are watching these videos, understand that this is actually MILD. This rapper, “Lil Wayne”, is a very mainstream, popular rapper. This is the kind of stuff that gets played on the radio and makes the Billboard charts. This is the “bubblegum” category of rap/hip-hop. Obama has stated publicly that he is a fan of this guy and has him on his iPod. (That in and of itself should be grounds for impeachment.) But there are additional levels of fouler, more pornographic, more “hard core” rap. Remember that. The first rap is called “Gonorrhea” and the second is called “I Am Not Human”.

Did you have any idea it was that bad?

What you just heard was pure evil. What you just heard must be fought against and, with God’s help, exterminated from the face of the earth. What you just heard contains absolutely no beauty, goodness or truth – only ugliness, sin and lies. It has no redeeming qualities, and can do nothing but damage and corrupt those who listen to it. What you just heard is a clear and present manifestation of satan running free in the land. The rapper’s voice sounds demonic. The beat and sonic accompaniment sounds demonic and hellish. And where to begin with the lyrics? Every single sentence is either talking about horrific sexual objectification, murder, extreme pride (braggadocio) or extreme materialism. There are also several instances of blasphemy, wherein the rapper calls himself “god” and remarks about women kneeling before him (performing a sex act) as if they were in church.

This is the mainstream, contemporary rap/hip-hop culture in the United States. The vast, vast majority of black Americans under the age of 50 listen to rap/hip-hop like this on a regular basis, and many other people of all races listen to it too. How do I know? Because this “Lil Wayne” person, and scores of others like him are eight and nine-figure millionaires. His product is being consumed at a massive rate.

Why does this matter? Because the evil twin towers of rap/hip-hop and government welfare are destroying the black culture, and by extension and spillover the broad culture, and by extension the broad economy, and by extension western civilization. Don’t think for a second that this filth has no effect on you on your ranch in rural Nebraska. Let’s think this through.

Over the past 30 years, rap/hip-hop culture has conditioned many black Americans (and others as well) to actively disdain education, work, honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, generosity, humility, marriage, fatherhood and human life. If you think I’m making generalizations, GO BACK AND WATCH THE VIDEOS AGAIN. Young black boys and men grow up believing that the only worthwhile endeavors are basketball and/or football, dealing drugs or rapping. They are taught materialism on a level never before seen in human history. Bentleys. Multi-million dollar mansions. Gold and diamond capped teeth. Gold and diamond- crusted jewelery. Any job or vocation that yields less than the exorbitant wealth showered upon rappers, drug dealers or professional athletes is rejected in favor of a life of complete sloth subsidized by the welfare state.

They are taught that sex is a perverse contact sport consisting of merely slapping pieces of human meat together in various ways in order to achieve orgasm. The black family in the United States has almost completely disappeared. Illegitimacy rates in the cities are now in excess of 90%. Most urban blacks have never, ever heard or been taught that sex is limited to marriage. Let me say that again: most urban blacks have NO IDEA that sex is limited to marriage. Most urban blacks have little or no personal contact with marriage or even monogamy. The concept of a father being present in a household is completely foreign. And just today it was reported that in New York City, 41% of all pregnancies end in abortion. Among blacks in NYC, the figure is a jaw- dropping 60%.


They are taught that drug use is desireable and normal, and that drug trafficking is just a means of making easy money.

As a result of all of this, in combination with labor unions and a general rejection of Judeo-Christian morality by all people, we are now staring down the barrel of a total societal and economic collapse as engineered and executed by Marxist elites over the past 50 years. The welfare and entitlement state has reached critical mass. The entire system is about to implode, and it will take ALL OF US with it. Because our culture has been reduced to an animalistic self-absorption, this collapse will not be like the Great Depression. Men will not take any job they can find to support their family – because men stopped supporting their families decades ago. Men will not take any job they can find in order to feed themselves, because men have been conditioned to believe that honest work is for “suckas”.

At this point, some of you reading this may already be feeling very uncomfortable with what I have just said. You may be thinking me “racist” and “bigoted”. Of course you are. You have been conditioned your whole life to have that reaction.  We have been conditioned to believe that any statement of truth, rooted in direct observation and objective evidence MUST be “bigoted”. We have been conditioned to believe that anything that discerns between two or more options, and determines that one option is superior or inferior to any other option is an act of evil, which is named “discrimination”. We have been conditioned to believe that the only morally acceptable stance on anything is complete indiscrimination – in other words, ANYTHING GOES. According to our culture, if I watch the videos above and discern with my powers of observation, reason, intellect and transcendent universal morality (called the Natural Law) that they are, without a doubt evil, then the problem is with ME. I am the evil that must be eliminated. I am the stumbling block to a utopian culture. If I would just sit down and shut up and embrace evil, then there would be no conflict in the world. By engaging in rational thought, I am perpetrating a hate crime. The only way for me to be a “good person” in this world is for me to utterly abandon Reason and Truth. And as I have stated many, many times on this blog, Reason and Truth are a Person, and His Name is Jesus Christ. Oh, yes. Satan is most assuredly afoot in the land.

If you are still feeling latent guilt about criticizing the rap/hip-hop culture, I would invite you to simply defend it. Go back to the two videos above and find me ONE example of virtue, goodness, selflessness, generosity, humility or LOVE. Go ahead. DEFEND IT. Defend pure satanic evil. Tell me about “diversity”, “cultural differences”, “artistic license” and “tolerance” whilst defending and justifying this:

“Diva in the room, she blowin me just like a band horn / Got her on her knees, the same knees that she be prayin on.”

Tell me who the racist is: me, or a man who proclaims, “I am not human.” My God, what more do you need? What more is there? Satan has these people denying their own humanity. I’m trying to reassert and proclaim the humanity and infinite dignity of Lil Wayne and everyone who listens to him. Lil Wayne IS A HUMAN, made in the image of God. God made the universe so that He could create and love Lil Wayne. Christ went to the Cross with Lil Wayne’s face in His mind, and “Wayne” on His lips. Yeah. Jesus that hateful bigot.

In the cities today, more than half of all black children are murdered by their own mothers before they are delivered. Abortion is obviously being used as contraception. Over the past 40 years, nearly 20 million black human beings have been murdered in utero in the United States alone. This means that there should be at least 20 million more black people in this country than there are today – and that isn’t counting the children and grandchildren that would have been born to those aborted black Americans by now. It is a geometric progression. I mourn those lost souls. I mourn the lost potential. This country would not be in death throes that it is in if those children were alive today. If our culture valued human life and thus prevented those children from being killed, God would still be shedding His grace on us. If our culture valued human life, then the rap/hip-hop culture would not even exist. It would have been consigned to the dustbin of history by a collective moral action of the people long ago, and almost all black children would be born to a mother and father, united in marriage, just as they were 60 years ago. One of the objective proofs of the brokenness of our culture is the fact that there aren’t nearly as many black people in our population as there should be. Now, what was it you were saying about Ann being a klannish racist?

What is the solution? I would assume that most everyone reading this blog already has a zero tolerance policy for rap/hip-hop. But we have to do something, because the opposite of love is indifference. As long as we are here in this world, we are COMMANDED to love our neighbor. This means that indifference is impossible. The only thing we can do is start speaking up about this, and not be afraid of being called racist. I hope that there are some black readers out there, because the key to killing the rap/hip-hop culture of death lies squarely in the lap of the black Christian community. They are going to have to rise up and end it themselves.

Like I said, I think we are too far gone to get out of this peacefully. But, if there is a war coming, it is absolutely critical that we know the depth and scope of the evil that we are up against. The rap/hip- hop culture gives us a window into hell itself. As Our Lord told us in Matthew 10:

“Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves. But beware of men. For they will deliver you up in councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues. And you shall be brought before governors, and before kings for My sake, for a testimony to them and to the Gentiles.”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.