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I really can’t add anything to this except Oooh-rah!:

Thank you Ann for having the courage to stand fast in the face of evil.  
Since I am adding my name to the list of .gov scrutiny (pretty sure I was already on it but certitude is a wonderful thing) I thought I would say hello to my little friends:  
To all commies, marxists, crony capitalists, fascists etc reading this email please know that we will never allow you to continue to destroy the flock.  You should know that attempting to kill God will only result in deeper and abiding faith within our hearts.  
Please know that we hear the screaming of the unborn and do not weep but rather sharpen our swords for we know that we are already God’s children and should you somehow miraculously manage to kill us, we will only serve to inspire more faithful to destroy you.  

Let no one mistake our intention, we will not precipitate violence but you already know that you have pulled the pin on the economy and its collapse will bring the fight  you have been prodding for months and months.  Somewhere in the back of your wretched, sickened minds you know there will be judgement for you.  It’s coming. 

James (Son of Zebedee) 
Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.