I'll Have a White Russian, Please.

1.  A White Russian is one shot of vodka, a half shot of coffee liqueur, and then top off with cream – all over ice in a lowball glass.  Do not stir.  Be careful with these delicious rascals.  They sneak up on you.  You don’t feel a thing … until you stand up.  And then it’s the Battle of Stalingrad right behind your eyeballs.

2.  Thank you once again for your extreme generosity in my estate liquidation project.  I am happy to report that yet another Tridentine Mass for my benefactors, supporters and those who pray for me has been locked-in for November 29th at approximately 12:30pm EST.  Since only one person can technically “win” each auction, I thought it only right to add “supporters and those who pray for me” to the intention.  Our Lord knows exactly who you are, and thus the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will indeed be offered for your special intention on the 29th.  Mark the date!

3. I came across this little poem on vice and thought it extremely apt.  The word MIEN (pronounced “meen”) means a person’s appearance or manner.

Vice is a monster of so frightful mien
As to be hated needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

Do you remember when even the slightest sight of anything having to do with sodomites or lesbians was utterly repulsive to you, engendering even a visceral, physical feeling of repulsion?  We have – all of us, to varying degrees – been desentized to it.  The Communist infiltrators have done this through the media, and as I have said before, we not only let them do it, but we paid them, on average, $50-$200 PER MONTH to let them do it, and most continue to do so.  Endure, pity, then embrace.  Indeed.

3.  With regard to the counties in Colorado voting to move forward in the process of forming a 51st state, no I’m not impressed.  First, the FEDGOV will never, ever approve such a thing because it would dilute the Senate and the two new diluted Senate seats would both be conservative.  Not that the legislative branch has any actual power anymore.  What a joke.  The Legislative Branch is simply a lapdog to the Tyrant Executive, and of zero consequence to the Judiciary, which has usurped the role of authoring legislation for quite some time now.  But more importantly, why is forming a new state that still exists inside an Iniquitous Gutter Republic any sort of improvement?  This is the working definition of peeing into the wind.   Bottom line:  When someone starts a movement to SECEDE FROM THE UNION, then and only then will I pay attention.  Anything less than that is simply the rearranging of the deck chairs on the Titanic.  Anyone with a brain knows that you need to get your butts in a lifeboat and row away from the sinking monstrosity as hard and as fast as you possibly can.

4.  And finally, something pretty.  While I know that George and Tammy’s relationship was highly, highly disordered, I have always loved this song.  An interesting point about Tammy – she kept her beautician’s license current until the very end of her life.  She always entertained the possibility that she would need to go “back to work” at some point.  At the time it seemed odd, but I think that we can all better appreciate her wisdom and humility on this point now.  This is an old Hee-Haw clip.  Man, EVERYBODY went on Hee-Haw.  Saturday night – 6:00pm.  Scenes from a childhood in the last golden days of the United States.  Enjoy.



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