Musloid Fanmail

Too good not to post.

All I’m going to quote is the opening.  The rest is 1500 words of standard musloid ranting jibberish in keeping with the, er, unfortunate situation vis-a-vis the whole musloid gene-pool-IQ-bellcurve situation.  IYKWIMAITYD.

From:  Sai ferrero   [email protected]
Re:  Your current circumstance is enouth proof for you

In the name of allah the most gracious full of mercy
Peace be upon those who walk the divine path

How does it feel to live the way you do? After all you put yourself in this situation.

Dear Sai ferrero,
Absoluthely, posithively fanthastic.  So good that there is no way I can thake the credith for ith.  There thimply aren’t wordths.
Thanks for athking.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.