A Pastiche of Bitterness and Incredulity

1.  Janitorial labor of late has focused on the cleaning of bathrooms.  You know, as I scour the coffee-colored mixture of sloughed human skin and hair of strangers mixed with soap scum out of grout and shower door tracks at eight bucks an hour with Mozart’s Requiem Mass on my iPod, all I can say is, “Thank you, Jesus.”  The bitterness comes when I get back to the Van and read the news.

2.  Obama is the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood is al Qaeda.  The Muslim Brotherhood is run out of Saudi Arabia.  Obama was Khalid al Mansour’s boy and Mansour got Obama into Harvard Law and the Saudi “royal” family paid his way per Percy Sutton.

The Saudis and the Russians almost certainly have the goods on Obama’s identity.  Obama is their boy, hence the bowing and scraping to both the Saudi “king” and to Putin.  The Obama regime almost certainly supplied the Muslim Brotherhood, which is al Qaeda remember, with chem weapons which they then used to mass-murder civilians in order to create optics that would justify U.S. action “against Assad”.  Hmmm.  I’m getting the weirdest deja vu here.  Oh, yeah!  Remember when the Obama regime supplied arms to the Mexican drug cartels which were then used to mass-murder civilians in order to create optics that would justify suspending the Second Amendment?  OH MY GOSH, Y’ALL.  It’s almost like it’s the same strategery, or something.  Eyeroll.  Would you poeple wake the heck up already?

The Saudis have wanted Assad deposed forever.  Obama, acting as their proxy, is creating the optics to put the U.S. military (such as it is) to work for the Muslim Brotherhood/Saudis.  Cui bono?  The Saudis and the Russians, Obama’s two likely funders and backers (in his youth) and blackmailers (today), are the two biggest nation-state beneficiaries in all of this.  And of course the banksters who can always use war to consolidate power and confiscate more wealth.

Assad was ahead and had traction in his civil war.  Why in the world would he bait the U.S. when things were going his way?  It makes zero sense.  By the way, Assad is evil, too.  There are NO “good guys” in any of this, including the former United States.  It’s all bad guys all around.  What a satanic clusterbungle.

2.  Okay.  One. More. Time.  Obama is the enemy.  The U.S. government has been overthrown.  They’re TRYING to destroy the facade of strength and potency that the U.S. has carried  for the last century.  Do you know that I overheard a U.S. Army field-grade officer say with a straight face to a group of civilians that the reason Obama didn’t go into Benghazi to save Chris Stevens was because “we didn’t have the assets to win the fight”.  That’s right, according to the United States Army, we didn’t possess the “assets” to put down 250 inbred mentally retarded goathumpers with AKs and Viagra erections who were a few clicks due south of Sigonella.  The brainwashing is complete – except it is the reverse of every other military brainwashing in history.  Normally tyrants brainwash their military officers into believing they have MORE capability than they actually do.  In this case, the tyrants have convinced the military that they are, in fact, helpless and completely impotent.  Why?  Because the objective of the tyrants is to DESTROY the U.S. from the inside out.  Khrushchev was right, Khrushchev was right, Khrushchev was right.

3.   Hey!  You know why democracy-based political systems will never catch on in musloid countries?  BECAUSE THEY ALREADY HAVE A POLITICAL SYSTEM IN MUSLOID COUNTRIES.  It’s. Called. islam.  And islam is (all together now) a militant, expansionist, totalitarian oligarchical political system from the pit of hell.  The “religious” pose aspect of islam is a paper-thin facade.  And I mean cheap toilet paper thin.

4.  The only moral response of civilization toward islam is total extermination.  Even quarantine is untenable as it is utterly lacking in charity toward the innocents (mostly children) stuck inside the diseased landmasses.  If anyone actually cared about these people, a 72 hour warning would be given to evacuate Mecca and Medina and then both cities would be nuked to glass.  Next Baghdad, Tehran and Cairo would be given 48 hours to raze every mosque.  If the people didn’t take to the streets and comply, a 24 hour evac warning would be given and those three cities would be nuked to glass.  This process would continue until the people themselves understood that it was over and took care of their own business themselves.  It wouldn’t take long.

4.  As you all know, Pope Francis, the Vicar of Christ, is a theologically and rhetorically illiterate nincompoop.  He is a scourge on God’s Holy Church, which we all deserve for putting up with the abominable sacrilege of the Novus Ordo mass for these last 45 years.  May I be permitted to quote John Senior?

“The crisis is over; we have lost. This is no longer just a prediction, it is a simple observation: Rome has been desecrated. We are in the age of darkness. Triumphalist reactions are in vain. The modern world and the Church deserve the punishment that God is raining down on us.”
– John Senior

Okay, given that, let me just make a couple of quick points.  Pope Francis keeps talking about “peace”.  Well, being a non-educated and contra-educated South American “Jesuit”, he doesn’t even know what peace is.  Boys and girls, hate to break it to you, but PEACE IS THE PERFECT APPLICATION OF GOD’S JUSTICE.

Think about it.  If “peace” is defined as merely the absence of war, or as “superficial societal quietude”, then North Korea is a bastion of peace.  This is why police officers, who walk around with guns, are called “peace officers”.  It is their job to ensure lawful justice, which yields a truly peaceful society.  Same idea with the “Justice of the Peace”.  He ensures the application of justice in society, which may require trials, incarceration, the issuing of arrest warrants, etc. in order to maintain the peace.  And let me be frank, anyone with anarchist sympathies has got to be a complete imbecile.  Sorry.  In a fallen world all notions of anarchy are either evil or a function of a total disconnect from reality.  I have no time for such irrational stupidity.

Blessed are the peacemakers.  Blessed are those who work to bring about a state of true justice – an endless task in this fallen world.  Oftentimes, due to the Fall and Original Sin, this absolutely, positively requires war.  (See post immediately below wherein the Blessed Virgin helped the Holy League mete out some perfect justice on the musloid hoardes at Lepanto.  And then there was PEACE.)  If you don’t like that, then just go elsewhere and play with your dolls or something and leave the serious stuff to the people with brains and balls.  And may the PEACE of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.   

5.  Yeah, war is never the answer and never solves anything, EXCEPT WHEN IT IS AND WHEN IT DOES.  Lepanto.  Vienna.  Tours.  Belgrade.  Just ask the Blessed Virgin, St. John Capistrano, and countless others.  Who are you going to believe on this point?  Are you going to believe a South American Jesuit who refuses to ever, ever, ever genuflect to Our Lord on the altar and can only spit out ridiculous and/or utterly meaningless platitudes in incomplete sentences bordering on jibberish, OR THE MOTHER OF GOD, QUEEN OF HEAVEN, SEAT OF WISDOM, MIRROR OF JUSTICE and DESTROYER OF HERESY?

6.  Did I see Pope Francis bow to the “queen” of Jordan?  Of course.  Heck, I’m shocked he didn’t genuflect.  Oh, but I forgot, he *can’t* genuflect, right?  Eyeroll.  Bottom line:  As a “Jesuit”, Pope Bergoglio has been indoctrinated with a hatred of the See of Peter and, like all hippies, hates any notion of authority.  (Who am I to judge?  I’m just the super-humble chair of the diocesan community of Rome, man.  Whazzup.  #Selfie )  He refuses to comport himself with dignity, much less the dignity of his office, which by the way is an Absolute Monarch, because he doesn’t BELIEVE that Peter has any real authority, and he believes that the Church should be a decentralized quasi-democracy.  The parallels to Obama really are striking.  Like Obama, Bergoglio is an affirmative-action placement who is totally unqualified, completely infatuated with his own press and image, utterly incapable of intelligent extemporaneous speech and yet so lacking in self-awareness that he actually thinks his rhetoric is at genius-level because the lapdog press can’t flatter him enough, and, like Obama, has an agenda to deconstruct the very institution he heads from the inside-out.  The man is a scourge.

And he is the Vicar of Christ on earth.

Our Lord is angry with His faithless, cowardly, lukewarm people.  Very, very, very angry.

6.  Now circling back, since the U.S. has been overthrown by a cadre of neo-Stalinists in an explicit alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, do I think the former-U.S. should go to war in Syria?  NO!!!!!  The war that needs to happen is in the U.S. to depose the Obama regime.  Remember, sedition is insurrection against a LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT.  The Obama regime is utterly, completely and totally illegitimate, therefore insurrection and counter-revolt against it is NOT sedition, it is a moral imperative.  Either you depose these demonic wretches in Washington or they will start World War III without hesitation or compunction.  It has been their plan since the beginning.  Chaos is their stock and trade.  These people will NEVER give up power peacably.  The necessity for war with them was locked-in on November 4, ARSH 2008.  The only question for you all to decide is WHEN.  Will you do it now or will you do it when your world is a smoldering rubble and the New Caliphate is marching over Europe like the Uruk Hai marching to Helm’s Deep?  Don’t say you weren’t warned.

7.  This is what I listen to while scrubbing dead skin slime out of showers, and also what I posted the night Obama was elected, November 4, ARSH 2008:

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.