Toldya. Like Clockwork.

I was not aware of this when I wrote the post below.

Egyptian media now reporting Obama is a full member of Muslim Brotherhood being blackmailed with identity documentation.

Well, duh.

And remember, the only musloids who actually believe or buy into any of the “religious” nonsense are the mentally retarded plebs.  That isn’t what islam is about.  Islam is all about centralizing and expanding power and wealth in an oligarch class.  Period.  It is EXACTLY like Marxism.  High-ranking Marxists know little-to-nothing and care exactly nothing about economics, “the poor” or any of the rest.  Marxism is all about consolidating power among a cadre of oligarchs.  All of the talk about heping the poor and the underclass is the faux-religious pose of Marxism that it uses to manipulate the ignorant masses.

So, could Obama, an atheist, be a musloid?  Well, sure – in the true sense, which is the POLITICAL sense.  He fits the mold of a wannabe musloid oligarch perfectly (complete with being a sodomite), exactly the same way that Obama, who knows NOTHING of economics is also a Marxist.  Do you see why the two political systems go hand-in-hand and are explicitly allied throughout history?


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.