How Hillary Made that $100k in Cattle Futures

I can’t remember if I have ever written this up, or maybe just explained it in a interview at some point, but I have had several people ask, so I’ll explain it.

This is how Hillary Clinton “made” $100,000 off of an initial “investment” of $1000 in cattle futures back in the early 80’s.

It was textbook money laundering.

I know you’re shocked – SHOCKED to think that a Clinton could be involved in anything untoward, but I’m afraid it is true.

Back in the 80’s in Arkansas, Bill and Hillary were the power couple ascending first to the position of Attorney General and then to the governor’s mansion. Being the psychopathic whores that they both are, they were all about cashing in on their power and accepting de facto bribes and payola.

In Arkansas the Tyson family (as in Tyson chicken) were the big players at the time. Wal-Mart was still getting off the ground. Old Man Tyson wanted to buy off the Clintons, and so a money laundering scheme was hatched. A futures account would be opened with a broker named Red Bone (no joke) in HILLARY’S NAME. Red Bone cleared through a company called Refco, which would later become MF Global. That company through its entire history and iterations has always been a hive of villainy.

Anyway, the account was opened in Hillary’s name and Hillary made an opening deposit of $1000.

Every day at the opening bell Red Bone, per Old Man Tyson’s instructions, would put in two orders: Buy 50 contracts of live cattle futures AND sell 50 contracts of live cattle futures. (I’m just using 50 as a round number, I don’t know exactly what the quantites were.)

At the close the same thing would be done – buy 50 and sell 50.

On days in which the market was higher from the open to the close, Hillary’s account would be assigned the lower buy from the open and the higher sell from the close. If the close was $0.25 per pound higher than the open, the math would look like this:

$0.25 X 400 = $100 per contract
$100 per contract X 50 contracts = $5000

A live cattle contract is 40,000 pounds, so the coefficient is 400. Trust me on that. The price is actually quoted in “hundredweights”, hence the dropping of two zeroes.

Now here’s the money laundering bit. The “losing” trades, namely the sell executed at the open and the buy executed at the close at the same prices would be assigned to Old Man Tyson’s account.

On days when the market moved lower from the open to the close, Hillary was given the sell from the open and the buy from the close. Sell high, buy back low. Tyson got the opposite side.

Do that every day for a month or so and you can move $100k from Tyson to the Clintons very quickly. I think Red Bone also threw a few “losers” into Hillary’s account just to attempt to cover their tracks – and yes, he made commission on all of it. I didn’t back the commissions out of the calculation above, but of course Red Bone charged a hefty commission on every contract.

Giving the “good” trades to Hillary and the “bad” trades to Tyson is simply a way to move money from Tyson to the Clintons without Tyson writing the Clintons a check. This is called “money laundering”.

This case was actually the reason why the law was changed and brokers HAD to attach an account number to every order UPON ENTERING THE ORDER. I started in the business in 1997, and that change predated me by 15 years. I can’t imagine how it is that they let people assign account numbers at the end of the day – ever. That is just begging for unfair practices with regards to assigning of prices to customers. Favoritism, frontrunning, etc.

Oh, and Hillary claimed complete ignorance about all of this, which is, of course, a complete lie. She and Bill knew exactly what they were doing and why.

Too bad no one cared about the Clintons being psychopathic liars and conartists, because maybe then Hillary wouldn’t have been able to murder Ambassador Chris Stevens and run all of those guns and MANPADS to the Muslim Brotherhood/AlQaeda, amongst all of their many other crimes.

Things like this matter. Give a money laundering psychopath enough power and they will move on to murder, genocide and tyranny. Ignore these indicators at your own peril.

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