Repost: Jesus Will Break Your Leg If He Has To 1

I’ve had several requests to repost this piece, and the events of the last week convinced me. Pope Francis and most of the clergy today, heavily informed and massively influenced by the evil culture and lies of the Enemy have clearly redefined the concept of MERCY as INDIFFERENCE.

For some of these people this redefinition is a function of malice. For some it is a function of stupidity and an overall shallowness of intellect and incapacity for nuanced thought. I suspect that Pope Francis is more the latter than the former. But either way, the damage is massive and real and the malignancy of the intent does not alter the gravity of the result, nor the imperative to combat it.

One more time, just so there is no confusion, Francis is the Pope. Our Lord is angry with His lukewarm-at-best people. Very, very angry. Hence the chastisement. The problem with this pope is that on the night of March 13th, Jorge Bergoglio fell madly in love with the persona of Francis, and we’re all along for the ride. Ugh. But I digress.

People now believe and teach that not caring one way or another about sin and holding a passive, non-confrontational “live and let live” attitude toward sin is the manifestation of “mercy”. “Mercy” is a shrug of the shoulders. “Mercy” is looking away. “Mercy” is denying reality. “Mercy” is saying, “Who am I to judge?”

What this does is completely dilute to nothingness the love of Our Lord. No, our sins are of infinite offense to God because He is perfectly good. That is why His Mercy is so unfathomable and indicative of His infinite love for us. He is infinitely offended by every sin and yet His love is GREATER. If His mercy was manifested by His indifference, then His love for us would be cheap to the point of being meaningless, and thus not really love at all. THIS is what “hate the sin, love the sinner” really means. That axiom has been twisted by modernists and neocons into a sentimental platitude that they use as a pass to ratify indifference and thus AVOID TRUE CHARITY AND TRUE LOVE OF NEIGHBOR COMPLETELY.

Oh, how far we have fallen, and so quickly. The entire world is now convinced that the antipode to charity – indifference – is itself mercy, and remember, Our Lord is Himself Mercy with a capital M. Thus, Our Lord, according to these people, is the anti-caritas.

If you think I am making contortionisitic arguments here, you are sadly mistaken. What I am doing is called a “logical progression” and is utterly essential when combating heresy. All heresies begin as benign-sounding, specious, and even attractive platitudes that rapidly descend into glaring, satanic lies from the pit of hell once people start trying to build truth tables of logical progressions on their false premises.

Finally, the Introit from the Mass of a Confessor, which is taken from Psalm 36:

“The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom and his tongue shall speak judgment: the law of His God is in his heart.”

Here is the original piece, penned and posted April 30, ARSH 2012.

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