On Francis the Chastisement 1 of 2

First, sorry for the lack of posts. The last week has been a bit weird. A friend in VanDownByTheRiver-Ville was hit by a car last week and has been in a coma and I have been spending my evenings at the hospital. This is my first direct experience with a life-threatening illness or injury, believe it or not, and it has been incredible to experience first-hand the power of prayer. Last night, my friend awoke from her coma and I was there to see it. It was an incredibly moving experience to see a near-lifeless body re-animate, as it were, and to see the sparkle of life and consciousness in her eyes. What a mystery the body-soul-spirit relationship is, with the brain as the interface mechanism. How fragile we are, but at the same time how unfathomably beautiful, complex and resilient is our bodily engineering. God is good.

One more housekeeping note. I have found a chap who is going to take this website onto his servers and rebuild it as a legitimate website using an actual blogging platform. This means that there will be permalinks to posts, archives, the ability to insert multiple hotlinks and pictures per post, etc. I will not be facilitating comments, as I feel no need or obligation to provide a publishing forum of other people†s thoughts, especially behind the mask of anonymity. And if you saw my email inbox, you would understand my position. Kind emails and intelligent points and †tips† are very much appreciated. Hatemail is a cross that I bear. Fine. It is a small price to pay. But no publishing of comments.

Now, on to the Pope. It is a sad state when one wakes up every day filled with dread as to what horrific thing the Pope is going to say today. I called Bergoglio as a †disaster† literally on day one. And a disaster he is. But, he does provide ample opportunity for †teaching moments†. To merely complain about his breathtaking stupidity is missing a huge opportunity for evangelization. It needs to be explained WHY the things he says are so incredibly stupid, and in many cases, irrational and non-Catholic.

Let†s focus today on his remarks about homosexual priests that he made during his presser on the flight back from Rio. There is so much to say, but I will endeavor to be surgical.

First, a bit of background. Last week the priest Francis appointed to head the Vatican Bank was exposed as a sodomite. Well, not that it was any big secret. You would have to have less-than-zero gaydar to not realize that this guy, a Monsignor Ricca, was a homosexual. This Ricca guy was an acquaintance of Bergoglio†s from South America, and he was widely known to be shacking-up with an ex-Swiss Guard (the Swiss Guard had a huge problem with sodomite infiltration in the 70†s and 80†s just like the priesthood) in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was a very open secret. But because this Ricca person was †nice† to Bergoglio back in the day, he appointed him to the troubled Vatican Bank despite the fact that Ricca has ZERO qualification for such a post. What a joke.

Anyway, despite all of the neo-con Catholics crowing about how Bergoglio was totally going to clean-up the Vatican and drive out the †gay mafia†, he did exactly the opposite. Not only did he say that he was not going to fire Ricca after Ricca†s uncontested and never-denied nasty, pervy sodomite shenanigans were exposed, which gives the effective green light to the †gay mafia† and makes Ricca now untouchable, Francis then said on the plane with regards to homosexual priests, †Who am I to judge?†

Who are you to judge? YOU ARE THE VICAR OF JESUS CHRIST ON EARTH. If you can†t judge whether or not one of the sins that cries out to God for vengeance is a disqualifier for high curial office, much less the priesthood, then what CAN you judge? Can you judge abortion? Can you judge the slaying of innocent children? Can you judge the stealing of pensions? Can you judge tyrants? Are you really so stupid that you think that when Our Blessed Lord said, †Judge not, lest ye be judged,† that He was calling for total societal anarchy, unrestricted license and total moral relativism, which is the abolition of the concept of sin itself? Really? Oh, except for the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate celebrating the Tridentine Mass. No, you can come down on THAT like a ton of bricks, but sodomy? Meh. Who are you to judge?

Okay. Now let†s talk about why homosexuals, even chaste homosexually-oriented men and women, must be disqualified from the priesthood and religious orders. I will speak in the context of the priesthood, but the argument applies to both genders. Same-sex attraction is rooted in self-loathing, as we have previously discussed. The homosexual hates himself and is thus drawn to people of the same gender out of a sense of envy, which is twisted into a form of eroticism. The homosexual desires and/or seeks masturbatory physical congress with others NOT so that he may give himself as a gift to the other, because remember, he hates himself. The homosexual lusts after other men because he seeks to selfishly consume their attractive traits and thus transform himself into someone else. Homosexual †sex† can never be anything but totally self-absorbed and narcissistic. And so we see that even this ORIENTATION, even without any physical acting out including solitary self-abuse, because it is rooted in self-loathing and envy IS ITSELF MASSIVELY DISORDERED AND SINFUL. A man erotically pining after another man is a sin. What about a man who †erotically loves† another man? There is no such thing. If Man A really loved Man B, he would be incapable of desiring sexual congress because same-sex physical congress is itself a massively irrational, hateful, violent, self-absorbed act.

Priests give their celibacy and chastity to Our Blessed Lord as a GIFT. They give themselves to Our Lord and espouse themselves to His Church. Now tell me this: if a man HATES HIMSELF, how can he possibly give himself as a gift? How can he love others in true charity if he hates himself?

Continued ….

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