On Francis the Chastisement 2 of 2

New vocabulary word: SUBLIMATION. Sublimation is the act of laying down or giving up something good in order to receive or achieve something better. This is the essence of priestly celibacy and chastity. A man lays down the very, very good thing that is his capacity to be a husband and father to a woman and their children (celibacy) in exchange for the GREATER GOOD of being espoused to Our Blessed Lord and His Church, most beautifully manifested in the priest†s ability to then offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. If you don†t †get† how offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a greater good than having sex with a woman, well, I†m really sorry, but don†t bother emailing me telling me how stupid I am. If you don†t †get it†, then you don†t get it. Your capacity to understand these things is NOT the arbiter of truth. This truth is external to you and will persist outside of you whether or not you understand it or believe it. Humble yourself and deal with it. And then pray for the grace of faith so that you might someday understand it.

So, men with same-sex attractions are disqualified from the priesthood because there is no sublimation in their celibacy and chastity. Homosexual men, even if perfectly chaste, are laying down something bad, irrational and disordered and taking on priestly celibacy and chastity as a †second-best option†. Our Blessed Lord and His Church are not a fall-back plan. And yes, if a heterosexual man is likewise viewing the priesthood as a †second-best option† then he is lacking sublimation as well, and that is a problem, too. Youbetcha.

Now to the even more disturbing aspect of Francis† comments. What his †Who am I to judge?† comment indicated is that he is indifferent to the sin of self-loathing and to a person who is suffering from a massive and profound psychosexual disorder, and the people within the care and sphere of influence of that psychologically ill person. This is huge. As we have discussed previously, the true opposite of caritas (charity) is NOT hate. The opposite of charity is INDIFFERENCE. What Francis displayed in that comment is that he is indifferent not just to Ricca†s crippling psychosexual disorder, but that he is also indifferent to the people who are under the charge, protection and spiritual fatherhood of priests, and others, who are massively psychosexually disordered.

Peter, do you love Me? Feed My lambs.
Peter, do you love Me? Feed My lambs.
Peter, do you love Me? Feed My sheep.

Christ is the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd leaves none behind. The Good Shepherd protects His flock from the ravening wolves. The Good Shepherd is in no way indifferent to attacks by the wolves, much less does He preach indifference toward the wickedness and snares of the wolves as some sort of twisted virtue.

Pope Francis is the Vicar of Christ and is a chastisement. I am not a sede-vacantist (meaning the See of Peter is empty and Francis is not the Pope). That†s the coward†s way out. If I was a sede-vacantist I wouldn†t care what Bergoglio said or did in the same way I don†t care what the Anglican †archbishop† of Canterbury says or does. No. He†s the Pope alright, and he is an absolute disaster, as I said from the beginning. Expect things to get progressively worse. And why shouldn†t they? Don†t we deserve this? Don†t we deserve to be chastised far worse than this for sitting by and doing NOTHING while the forces of evil are permitted to run unchecked? What kind of God would sit by and continue to †bless† nations and peoples who embrace child sacrifice, sodomy, governmental corruption and theft on levels never before seen in human history? What kind of God would continue to †bless† people who ignore Him and mock His Passion in their abominable, devirilized, desacralized, yet still valid, dancing, clowning Masses? Oh, no. We deserve this disastrous pontificate, and so much worse. For the love of God, the least we can do is be chastened and LEARN.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.