5 Really Depressing Things and then Some Music

1. The single most depressing thing to watch is the 36 hour news cycle of the populus. I can’t understand it. I can’t understand how it is that you people just collectively let massive, massive crimes go as soon as the media spoon-feeds you the next “big story”. This has to be a function of the diabolical coupled with God withdrawing His grace. Memory is a gift from God. To choose to not use it, to choose to suppress it is a sin.

2. Um, yeah, it was reported about 48 hours ago (now outside the window, apparently) that the Obama regime has forced all of the Benghazi survivors to sign “non-disclosure agreements”, which means all of those people were threatened with their jobs, and perhaps more importantly their PENSIONS, and thus they all, to a man, so far, have ROLLED OVER and SOLD OUT.

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is why I fear the field grade officers and flag officers in the United States Military. I doubt there is ONE who would call bee-ess and go full bayonet charge if they were so much as threatened with losing their precious, precious pension. “I just have to make it x more years.”

No, sweetie. You just need to make it through your Particular Judgment. Which leads to nausea-inducing point number three…

3. All of the FEDGOV pension money is totally being raided. I picked up on a Market-Ticker.org thread that the way the FEDGOV is keeping from “hitting the debt ceiling” is by raiding the TSP accounts, which stand for “Thrift Savings Accounts”. Those are all of the retirement accounts of government employees, basically government 401ks. Yeah. The Obama regime raids the TSP accounts, leaves an I.O.U., and it washes out on the balance sheet since it is all “gubmint”, and thus the “debt ceiling” is not breached.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.