Warren Pollock's New Vid

Warren makes some really great points here.

First, very soon you all can expect the Obama regime to start withholding medicine and access to medical care from people in order to quash dissent. I called this immediately in 2009 when it became clear that ObamaCare was going to be imposed. ObamaCare has NOTHING to do with healthcare, “fixing” the “system” or “helping the poor”. You would have to be a complete imbecile to believe that on day one. If you still believe that now, well, let’s just say that mathematical notation has yet to be invented to express the enormity of that level of stupidity.

ObamaCare has to do with controlling human beings, deciding who lives and deciding who dies, and ultimately they want to “force” people to not just die physically, but also to die spiritually and be lost to hell. They want to be God. They are attempting to install, enthrone and coronate themselves as “god”. As I have said before, we are dealing with a collective antichrist.

Other services, such as car insurance, will eventually be withheld in order to quash dissent. Many of you are going to wake up some morning unable to “legally” drive your car because your “data” has indicated that you are “uninsurable”.

Warren makes the point that the slogan already being used by the Obama regime of “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear,” would be more accurate stated as “If you do not think you have nothing to fear.” Tell me that isn’t accurate. Tell me that the regime through the infiltrated “schools” hasn’t created an entire society of people who refuse to think. Look around you. Your neighbors aren’t just uneducated, they are now, in their current state, uneducable. Objective evidence means NOTHING. Reality means NOTHING. Truth means NOTHING. All that matters is SENTIMENT, and not just sentiment, but irrational, evil, immoral sentiment. So, switch off. Stop thinking. Just let “us” take care of you. Did you watch the ballroom dancing? Did you catch the latest episode of the soap opera du jour? Here, just take your food stamp credit card, go get some McDonalds, and STOP THINKING. And if you do think, you might suddenly find that your foodstamp card doesn’t work anymore….

Finally, the money quote:

“The power of the dying empire is extreme.”

Exactly. Don’t be fooled. It is like a star going supernova. This massive increase in government size and tyranny is the explosion that ends in a dead star – a white dwarf. While the supernova may appear permanent, vibrant and creative while it is happening to those very close to it, it is really the end-stage of death unfolding.

And, as any Star Trek fan can tell you, if a star goes supernova, you need to get the Enterprise very, very far away because your shields aren’t remotely strong enough to withstand it, and there is nothing you can do to stop it once critical mass has been reached. The system is simply too big.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.