The Barnhardt Estate Sale: Wooden Spoon A

Okay, I don’t think anyone really “got” what I was getting at with my whole Ebay estate sale idea, but we’ll give this a shot. Item number one has been listed. It is a wooden spoon, direct from my kitchen drawer. If this goes well, then dude, I have a whole drawer-full of wooden spoons. I don’t want to get anyone overly excited here, but I will just say that I have a wooden SPORK, too. If the spoons sell well, then we can move into the whisks, the spatulas, and even into the tongs if things get really lively.

This auction is three days long, ending on April 15th at 1919:58 PDT and will determine if I bother to list any more items or not. Like I said, we’ll just see how this goes. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

My Ebay handle is 720ann.

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