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NonVeni Mark sends: Action Item! Cardinal Burke wants your questions!

NonVeni Mark has helpfully posted his question, as a sort of very general template for anyone else who might want to submit a question to the illegally deposed Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura whom pretty much everyone agrees is the “leader” of the Remnant Church, WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT:

“Eminence, I would like to know what it is going to take for some effort be made to remove this wretched antipope. At the very least, you can call for an investigation of Pope Benedict’s purported resignation, to see if Bergoglio was ever validly elected in the first place. At any rate, a manifest heretic places himself outside the Church, and so automatically loses any ecclesiastical office he might have held. This is taught by many saints and Doctors. Eminence, the salvation of souls is the highest law of the Church. This antipope has been leading souls to Hell for nearly 11 years now. What is it going to take?”

Catholic Action For Faith And Family

Dear Mark,

Last week, I invited you to submit questions to Cardinal Burke that you might have regarding important issues in your life and the role of the Catholic Church in the modern world. If you have not yet submitted your questions or have new ones, here is your final chance to do so before the Conversations with Cardinal Burke program airs.

With a “pandemic of ambiguity” in the world today and even in the Church, the ‘straight answers to straight questions’ voice of Cardinal Burke provides the clarity and guidance the faithful need.

Many witness this sad state of affairs and, in desperation, search for answers to better understand the crisis before them.

I want to assure you that we should not fear our current circumstances. Rather, we should be very grateful that we can follow His Eminence, Cardinal Burke, who does not back down in addressing the confusion in the Church.

Cardinal Burke is not only a canon lawyer but an authoritative member of the Church’s hierarchy, filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit – especially, wisdom and knowledge. With a sound and sharp legal mind, His Eminence can answer questions definitively on Church related topics, the Sacraments, as well as pastoral and spiritual topics.

Please be sure to submit your question and to support our efforts to produce Conversations with Cardinal Burke. His Eminence addresses questions presented to him from both priests and the laity, with a perspective of deep faith and sound reasoning, that gives each one of us a better understanding of the essential moral and spiritual challenges of today.

As the world continues its descent into moral anarchy and our Church continues to face a crisis in teaching of the Church’s doctrine and discipline, Cardinal Burke will not be silent. Nor will Catholic Action!

Submit your questions now!

Your fellow Rosary Warrior and Faith Defender in Christ,

Thomas J. McKenna
Founder and President
Catholic Action For Faith And Family

Urgent warning to any man visiting or in Rome: WEAR MITTENS. Tucho Fagnandez is lusting after your hands. Bigly.

Not satire. Because you CANNOT make this stuff up.

At some moments in my life I am attracted to certain types of charm, but at another moment other details begin to attract me: sometimes the sensitivity of the moment attracts me to fine, white hands; at other times I am more attracted to fleshy, warm hands, and these fine hands are no longer enough for me.”

-Tucho Fernandez, “Por qué no termino de sanarme?”, ARSH 2002

Define: “no longer enough.”


Gentlemen, lay and cleric: when in Rome, wear mittens at all times, because Tucho is on the prowl and down to clown, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Now all of this talk over the past decade by the Bergoglian Luciferian sodomite sewage font about “caressing” suddenly makes sense. Tucho has a kink for man hands.


If only there had been signs that Antipope Bergoglio’s ghostwriter was the biggest faggot on the surface of the earth. Alas… if only.

Action Item: For those who still have a Twitter account, please nominate me for this “award”, with a link to my “Enough!” Antipapacy Video 😅

Remember to spell my name correctly!

ANN BARNHARDT, Dame of the Order of the Delicate Silence. Doesn’t it just roll off the tongue mellifluously?

What a deck of cards can teach us about the Infinite Power and Love of God

Without the Majesty of the Bigness, you can’t appreciate the Humility of the Smallness, and without the Condescension of the Smallness, you can’t appreciate the incomprehensible Love of the Bigness.

Many times we need a jarring physical reminder of the infinitude of God.  I’ll bet you have an excellent tool for such a reminder within easy reach right now.  Do you have a deck of cards?  Go get it.  I’ll wait.

Got it?  Now take out the jokers and shuffle it up thoroughly. We just want the normal 52 cards.

Now we are going to delve into mathematics, the “thumbprint” of God, I have long said.  Specifically, we are going to delve into number theory, and very specifically FACTORIALS.

You may vaguely remember that a factorial is when you multiply a number by every descending positive integer down to 1, so, for example, 10 factorial, written as 10! is:


And that number works out to be: 3,628,800

Factorials are what you use to calculate every possible combination of a set.  So, with a 52 card deck, to find every possible combination of cards from random shuffling, you start at 52, and then multiply all the way down: 52x51x50x49x48x47….x4x3x2x1.

That number works out to be 8.0658 x 10⌃67

That’s the SIXTY-SEVENTH POWER.  One with 67 zeroes after it.

I have to admit that this caught me by surprise.  If you had asked me to guess the number of possible orders of a deck of cards, I would have guessed in the tens of millions, and wouldn’t have been terribly surprised if it had been in the hundreds of millions or even over a billion.  I mean, SURELY, in all of those games of Poker, Blackjack, Bridge, Pitch and even Go Fish over all the years, SURELY the same shuffle orders must repeat every now and then, right?  Wrong.  

Take a deck of cards right now, shuffle it well, and then hold it in your hand.  The odds of that order ever having happened before in all of human history, or ever happening again, are so infinitesimal as to be practically impossible.

52! or 10⌃67 is essentially meaningless to the human mind.  But there are a few exercises we can go through to get the very beginnings of a hint of exactly how vast this quantity is. These come from a mathematician called Scott Czepiel, via Sauce, via VanderLeun.

First, if we go for a moment with the current mainstream “age of the universe” of 13.5 billion years, which is almost certainly wrong, but just for the sake of argument, that is 10⌃18 seconds.  So if you were to have shuffled a deck of cards every second for the currently accepted life of the universe, you would not even have made a dent in approaching every possible combination.  Because remember, tripling 10⌃18 is NOT 10⌃54.  No no no no no.  What is 10⌃3, or 1000, times three?  Is it 3000, or 1,000,000,000?  It’s only 3000, of course.

The awe grows.

Let’s now try to put 52! into terms that our brains can even begin to contemplate.

Stand on the equator facing due west.  Take one pace every billion years. Once you have walked the entire circumference of the earth (assuming for argument that one can walk on the oceans), take ONE DROP of water out of the Pacific Ocean with an eyedropper.  Repeat this circumnavigation of the earth by taking one step every billion years until the Pacific Ocean is empty.  When the Pacific Ocean is empty, place one sheet of paper on the ground.  Repeat the billion year step circumnavigation-empty the Pacific Ocean one drop per circumnavigation cycle until the stack of paper reaches to the sun.

Congratulations.  YOU HAVEN’T EVEN MADE A DENT in 52! seconds.  If you repeat that ENTIRE process 1000 times, you will be roughly one third of the way toward the passage of 52! seconds.

The awe explodes.

But wait, here’s another scenario.  Deal yourself 5 cards from a shuffled deck every one billion years.  When you deal yourself a Royal Flush, buy a Powerball ticket.  If the Powerball ticket is a perfect jackpot winner, throw a grain of sand into the Grand Canyon.  Repeat until the Grand Canyon is full.  When the Grand Canyon in full, remove one ounce of rock from Mt. Everest.  When Mt. Everest is gone, repeat the entire cycle 256 more times. That would be 52! seconds. You could have shuffled a deck of cards every second for that entire time without duplicating the order of the deck.

The awe goes nuclear.

Now stop and consider that to God, 52! is easier to comprehend than the quantity ONE is for us.   In fact, “easier” isn’t the right word at all, because for God there is no “effort”.

Now let’s get personal.  The human genome contains something like 140,000 alleles that are set at the moment of fertilization of the mother’s haploid egg with one single haploid sperm from the father, with each ejaculate from the father containing hundreds of millions of totally unique sperm.

I would say, “Do the math” to contemplate the number of possible combinations, but it literally isn’t possible for us.

Now think about how many millions of ancestors you have. And think about your children, and how many potential mates you COULD have had, but, for better or for worse, you had THAT child with THAT person.  And how many people your kids could make your grandchildren with… and then your great-grandchildren. Think of the number of possible combinations out of which God in His perfect Providence saw to it and has known for all eternity that you would exist, right here, right now; in ARSH 2024 at what seems to us to be the implosion of the world as we have known it, in what we mistakenly and short-sightedly convince ourselves is the total victory of evil.

Our lack of perspective and failure to trust in the Infinite Triune Godhead is, in a certain sense, laughable.

The truth is, sure, shuffling and holding a deck of cards in your hand can be a great way to relieve anxiety, if you are prone to such.  But really, a far superior way is to simply go look at someone you love.  Or even someone you hate.  And if you’re alone, just go look in a mirror.  As St. Thomas Aquinas taught, God can be known to exist from the human rational intellect alone.

But, of course, the best way to contemplate this is to go sit before Our Lord reposed in a Tabernacle, or in a Monstrance, exposed in His Eucharistic Majesty, because…

Without the Majesty of the Bigness, you can’t appreciate the Humility of the Smallness, and without the Condescension of the Smallness, you can’t appreciate the incomprehensible Love of the Bigness.

Now, if you are stressed out by current events: the death of the American Republic, the collapse of sane human society into an irrational luciferian death cult, the economic collapse, and most especially the Bergoglian Antipapacy and the eclipse of The Church by the antichurch, just stop and contemplate the infinitude of the selfsame God who is watching you read this, watching you shudder in awestruck terror at numerical quantities that He considers to be positively ADORABLE in their LIMITED SIMPLICITY.  And then realize that He is not only infinite size, but so far beyond that, He is infinite LOVE.  And He loves YOU. Personally.  And of your children.  And your parents.  And your spouse. And your friends. And your enemies.

He is, right now, looking at you with infinite love as you ponder and are freaked out by what are mere mathematical trivialities to Him, such as 52!. And He loves you so much the more for it.  To Him, you are not only lovable, but worthy of His Incarnation, Passion and Death on the Cross for you and you alone as many times as you go to Mass in your life, and then more. Infinity to the power of infinity to the power of infinity… just for the love of YOU.

Think of the numerical quantities that we have just discussed, that you can hold in your hand as a deck of cards, and then realize that LOVE makes mere abstract numerical quantities seem as nothing.  If a mere abstract numerical quantity can bring you to tears of awe and filial fear… just imagine what the LOVE, which is the pillar and bulwark of reality itself, can do to the human heart – but IF AND ONLY IF that human heart freely consents.

And please, PLEASE put aside any thoughts of God being “beat” by Antipope Bergoglio or his army of dim-wit sodomite minions.  This ISN’T a call to pacifism – it is exactly the opposite.  It is a call to forward action, to boldness, to ABANDONMENT TO THE DIVINE PROVIDENCE, knowing full well Who is in charge. It is a call to TRUST, to FAITH, and to LOVE, love of God and love of neighbor.  It is a call to stop living in servile fear of the world and the effeminate fear of suffering or even mere inconvenience, and to live in the peace and joy of FILIAL FEAR OF INFINITE LOVE HIMSELF.

You want to do the right thing and be brave for Him, because you don’t want to break His Heart.

As always, I sure hope this helps.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us, and on Your Holy Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

O the depth of the riches of the wisdom and of the knowledge of God! How incomprehensible are His judgments, and how unsearchable His ways! –Romans 11: 33

The “Ask For Angela” initiative. Something to be aware of.

“Ask for Angela” is an initiative that people who are in danger in the sense of kidnapped, trafficked, being abused, and need help in a public place can use to alert others that they need help/protection/police. But it only works if people are aware of this social code word.

With the civilizational collapse, the instances of kidnapping are going to skyrocket. We need to know about this not just so we can render assistance, but because kidnapping is something that conceivably could happen to women and youngsters of any socioeconomic status. Imagine the worst third-world shithole criminal dynamics and realize that is the goal of the Cloward-Piven plan that we’re watching unfold in real time.

If you think kidnapping is something that only happens in third world countries, well, my dear, YOU NOW LIVE IN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.

So if you’re in a grocery store, chain store, restaurant, gas station, beauty shop, department store, church – any public place- and you hear someone “asking for Angela”… step up.

How today’s ancient Mass of the Chair of St. Peter smacks down HARD the Trad Inc. “The Papacy is an Inflated Albatross of Papolatry that must be scaled down to a meaningless figurehead position” Freemasonic bilge.

Today is the very ancient Feast of the Chair of St. Peter – a particular joy and consolation given recent events and the current vacancy of the Chair since Pope Benedict’s death 383 days ago.

I was especially struck by the Gradual of the Mass, which, it certainly seems to me, crushes to a fine powder the Freemasonic argument, so enthusiastically and intransigently embraced by the Trad Inc. “FWANCI$$ i$ D€FINIT€£Y Pop€” sect, that the Papacy is a barely-relevant essentially meaningless figurehead position that has been, over the past 150 years, inflated into an idolatrous scandal that must be redefined unto annihilation in order to “save the Faith.”

Look at this Gradual, and then remember that this is one of the most ancient Feasts in the Missal:

Ps 106:32; 106:31
And let them exalt him in the church of the people: and praise him in the chair of the ancients. Let the mercies of the Lord give glory to him, and his wonderful works to the children of men. Allelúja, allelúja
Matt 16:18
And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Alleluia.

Holy Mother Church has applied Psalm 106: 31-32 to Peter and his See as the Vicar of Christ on Earth IN THE HOLY MASS since the earliest days, and thus Trad Inc. parti$an$ would have the world believe that Holy Mother Church has been ALL WRONG to the point of violating the First Commandment since… basically the beginning, and THEY just figured this all out a few years ago, coincident with their embrace of an obvious Antipope. Funny that.

The hubris. The pride. The shameless, unmitigated, dripping, sulfuric, diabolical PRIDE…

Sts. Peter, Paul and Prisca, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us, on the soul of Pope Benedict Ratzinger, on the Petrine See vacant these 383 days, and on your Holy Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

Way to completely miss the antecedent, LifeSite. The very first thing required for a man to be validly elected Pope is that the SEE BE VACANT.

And the See obviously was NOT vacant in ARSH 2013 when Pope Benedict announced that he was half-quitting only the ministry of the active governance of the Church, while remaining within the enclosure of St. Peter as the praying, suffering Pope.

Abject nonsense, technically called “Substantial Error” in canon law, thus rendering the attempted resignation invalid by the law itself.

So long as this full truth of the situation, all the way down to the foundation, the fact that Pope Benedict never validly resigned, is ignored, nothing will get better. St. Peter’s basilica will become THE global faggot wedding destination, and the Church Militant will be reduced to a few people in hiding.

Daniel chapter 9 is current events. The abomination of desolation in the temple is probably the open blessing of sodomy in the Petrine Basilica.

All because NO ONE will simply acknowledge what has been completely visible all along, and at this point, it is utterly incomprehensible why there is this ubiquitous paralysis and pathological refusal to even ask the question: did anything WEIRD, ODD, or UNPRECEDENTED happen in February ARSH 2013 that might have resulted in an Antipope?

Why is this one obvious question, the question whose answer leads instantly to the truth, the only question that STILL cannot be asked? It’s absolutely irrational. But, I guess that’s what the love of money and human respect does to men – it makes them irrational.

Gentlemen, your slips are showing. It’s embarrassing.

Well, for starters, the See has to be VACANT. Which it wasn’t in March of ARSH 2013. The See remained occupied by Pope Benedict XVI until his death 382 days ago, whether he liked it or not.

Can. 359 When the Apostolic See is vacant, the college of cardinals possesses only that power in the Church which is attributed to it in special law.

Can. 359 — Sede Apostolica vacante, Cardinalium Collegium ea tantum in Ecclesia gaudet potestate, quae in peculiari lege eidem tribuitur.

Folks, the very first clause is the punchline in this situation: WHEN THE APOSTOLIC SEE IS VACANT.

What this Canon does is 100% prohibit and utterly nullify ANY conclave convened while the Petrine See is STILL OCCUPIED, that is, NOT VACANT – no matter what the circumstance, including totally unprecedented circumstances, such as the situation of Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger trying to partially resign only the administrative/governance ministerio, and “expand” the Petrine Office into a “collegial, synodal, shared ministry”.

Any civilization stupid enough to fall for a “vaccine” for a disease that DOESN’T PUBLICLY EXIST forfeits its own existence. Bonus: If it’s Boeing, I’m not going.

I will say this: I’m traveling today, and everyone is sick – standard cold season crud – and not a Masonic submission burqa in sight. Everyone is sick and everyone knows everyone is sick, and you’d never know ARSH 2020-2022 ever happened.

So I am VERY cautiously optimistic that the forthcoming death injection already being advertised by the mainstream news media for a plague that does not yet publicly exist will be JUST a bit too much, even for Boobus Post-Christianus.

And, if you haven’t been keeping up with Dr. John Campbell, yes, excess deaths are still running in the TEENS above average (statistically impossible to call random)… except in Hungary, where the death injections were never marketed. Hungary’s excess death rate is running at zero, statistically. Funny that.

Remember, this population culling is aimed at drastically reducing the unfunded liabilities line on the global balance sheet (social security, Medicare, pensions and their non-US equivalents). Knocking 15-25 years off of the average life expectancy, essentially making sure people die BEFORE they reach retirement/Social Security/Medicare age, knocks TRILLIONS off the balance sheet.

What they’ll keep doing is creating and releasing ever-more virulent viruses in order to maintain voluntary demand for these toxic, life-truncating (and sterilizing) injections.

Unless, of course, someone actually does something about it.

On a related happy note: between the mass poisoning of the pool of skilled pilots, the demise of Boeing (outsourcing essential computer code writing and testing to $9 per hour slaves in Hindustan – new saying: “If it’s Boeing, I’m not going”), and the major airlines commitment to NOT hiring white men at any cost, my advice would be to do any trans-oceanic travel that you want to do sooner rather than later. Or, be prepared to pay for round trip passage to Europe on the Queen Mary 2. I’m bullish Cunard. Methinks taking a week to cross the North Atlantic each way, as opposed to seven hours in a shoddily designed and constructed aluminum tube with glitchy software, piloted by Captain SheNayNay and First Officer Tyqueesha (they/them) will start to look shockingly attractive again here pert’quick.

Action Item for actual Catholic priests and deacons: When Antipope Bergoglio and Tucho Fernandez’ flying monkey faggots ask for a “blessing” of their sodomy, here’s your prayer…

Shamelessly lifted from Fr. Z who shamelessly lifted from his friend Fr. Cliff Ermatinger, the author. If I were a priest or deacon, anticipating the pre-planned ambushes which WILL HAPPEN, I’d carry this in my wallet. This is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT:

May Our Lord’s voice, which has been squelched in your conscience by the blindness of disordered passions and the insanity of sin, finally break through and be heard so that you cease your sodomitical ways and live the virtue of chastity and the life of grace, doing penance for your sins, and regaining the dignity He conferred upon you in your baptism. Amen.