CovidReligion IS Satanism: Canadian Surgeon General issues recommendation for wearing the Satanic Veil during all “intimacies” and only engaging in sodomy

Face-to-face is the only morally acceptable way to engage in the conjugal act… because INTIMACY, and any other way is ANIMALISTIC. Only human beings copulate face-to-face because only we are clearly designed to do so. Have you ever stopped and thought about that? Maybe the ability to look directly into one’s spouse’s eyes and whisper […]

Video: “Francis is definitely Pope” partisans avoiding correcting of their false base premise in light of announced “radical revision” of sodomy.

By Carlos Esteban | December 18, 2019 At the request of the Pope (sic), the Pontifical Biblical Commission, the highest technical ecclesial organism in interpretation of the Holy Scriptures, has issued a report on the anthropological vision in the Bible in which the conception of homosexuality is radically revised. “A new and more adequate understanding […]

Antipope Bergoglio Declares Himself to Be More Merciful than God, and Tees Up the Coup de Grace: the Ratification of SODOMY

But remember folks, you may NOT draw any conclusions from this, and if you do you are a schismatic, and also insane. </sarcasm> Here is Diane Montagna’s blockbuster piece over at LifeSite. Make no mistake, this death penalty (and also life imprisonment!) stuff is merely a recon sortie, preparing for the actual final attack: the […]

Gay Gym Cruising Cardinal Tobin’s “Nighty-night, baby, I love you” Sodomy Partner is the Italian Actor that is Playing John the Baptist

The filthy faggot Cardinal of Newark, New Jersey, Joseph Tobin, tweeted this to his favored sodomy partner back in February.  He quickly deleted it, then lyingly claimed that it was meant for his sister.  No one bought this.  Why?  Because Tobin is a ginormous, raging, open-secret faggot, and everyone knows it. George Neumayr has discovered […]

#TOLDYA: CDC confirms very, very few people die of a seasonal cold. This is the largest mass hysteria and crime against humanity in history.

By now, I’m sure you all have seen this, but I have to link. This GatewayPundit piece has opened a lot of eyes. Remember, this was called out in this space on 24 March when over my transom came a screen cap of an Italian news story – which was edited within minutes of publication, […]