As I’ve been screeching for years, the people in charge are literally functionally retarded. Here’s the guy running the U.S. and therefore the global economy saying that “the government LENDS money by selling bonds.”

He thinks that when the Chinese buy US paper, that we are loaning money to them. So, in his mind, all of the trillions in US bonds is money OWED to the U.S. Treasury. Not the other way around. He’s retarded. Straight up. And running the global economy.

So, I think I’ll start issuing bonds. Y’all can BUY bonds from me for, say, $100 per, you send me the money, and then YOU will owe ME the face value at maturity. And I guess the benefit you will get from this is that I won’t have the B.I.A. (Barnhardt Intelligence Agency, based out of Vangley, Lirginia) overthrow your government, and I’ll supply your oligarchs with child sex slaves? Sound about right?

Is it time for a Barnhardt Axiom #5?

“Retards are running the world.”

The prose is inelegant, but so is the underlying truth. For midwits to be running the world would be a massive step up. (Cough, Trump, cough.)

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.