Barnhardt Podcast #204: Milli Vanilli Infiniti Digniti

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In this episode, Ann is joined by Dr. Mazza and Mark Docherty for a run-down of current events, beginning with the 30-years-too-late death by lethal injection of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown’s killer, a little Eclipse talk featuring Dr. Mazza’s Bonnie Tyler impression, complete with throat scratch, a discussion of Touchme Fagnandez’ latest colonic methane emission, “You shall be as gods… / Infinite Dignity”, and a little recap of Dr. Mazza’s gentlemanly debate with Matt Gaspers wherein Dr. Mazza took a 50-cal to the “Universal Peaceful Acceptance” trope.

Links, Reading, and Video:

Dr. Mazza’s Summer Course:
Unsolved Mystery: Trust the Science? Trust History!
Ed the Eye (Private Eye, that is) will unravel the mystery and controversy between Science and Faith: The Shroud of Turin, Aliens, Evolution, Multiverse, Miracles at Lourdes–and More! Facts or Science Fiction?

Dr. Mazza debate with Matt Gaspers

De Mattei Essay on Rorate – he’s totally lost the plot

The Fagnandez Methane Effusion: “Dignitas Infinita”

Diane Montagna’s question to Fagnendez: How can the notion that humans have infinite dignity be reconciled to the fact that there are people in Hell?

Milli Vanilli (historical reference for the youngsters)

Bonnie Tyler “Total Eclipse of the Heart (Turn Around)”

OJ and AC Bronco Chase


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