Mailbag and Action Item Combo: The St. Patrick’s Cathedral abomination might be worse than even I originally thought. And y’all know how jaded I am.


I read your latest post on the abomination in New York, and (sadly) have a correction to make, which makes the whole thing even worse.

You stated, “the priest presiding over the funeral was completely DELIGHTED by the naked, mutilated male prostitutes masquerading as Luciferian apes of femininity filling the cathedral. ‘So well turned-out…’ Turned-out means dressed, folks. He’s not commenting on the number of people there – the turn out – no; he’s commenting on how they’re dressed.”

Oh, no. It’s worse.

Urban Dictionary’s definition of “turn out” offers the following definitions, one of which is much more likely the double-entendre intended by Fr. Edward Dougherty. Or… maybe he intended both, which would be appropriate, given the audience.

Turn out – “To turn someone from one sexual orientation to another. Often from heterosexual to homosexual.”

Turn out – “to lead a woman into prostitution. this is somewhat archaic – term possibly more in use in the 70’s-80’s”

I don’t think that priest was referring to their sartorial finery, or lack thereof.

My bet, given his age, is that the latter term was one he was well acquainted with, having “served” NYC for (I presume) decades and seen everything tawdry the place had to offer. But how apropos that both terms would fit the demographics filling the pews that day, given the status of this person as a gay, cross-dressing prostitute.

We might actually presume that Fr. Dougherty’s PRE-MEDITATED intention, KNOWING FULL WELL the abomination he was “celebrating” that day, was to get some laughs from this TRIPLE-entendre.

Blasphemy. “Welcome, and props to you gay trannies for filling the pews with gay whoredom as only otherwise seen at Easter…” at which point they gleefully screech and high-five their way around the church.

NB: I was prompted to look the term up after seeing the video of the priest’s remarks, because “turned out” reminded me of a skit on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” which I watched back in my naive, younger days before I “grew up” and made my way to an adult appreciation and loving embrace of our faith. Conan had some skit in which he interacted with a robotic pimp, named Pimpbot, who spoke of “turning out” his subjects, or some such. (I was actually able to find it via my baby television on the youtube… here *Mild content warning, mostly for abject stupidity. Don’t feel obliged to watch. -AB*).

Fr. Dougherty had to know what he was doing with this Mass, which is galling.

Side note: If you had not seen, note that Fr. Ripperger gave a (great, as always) talk on spiritual warfare, available on youtube, at St. Patrick’s – NYC, of all places, ONLY ~8 DAYS AGO… He also gave a nice long interview to the rector of the Cathedral, the one who issued the mea culpa…. The rector struck me as orthodox. But after this event, only days after Fr. Ripperger’s talk, I have to wonder which clerics knew what was about to happen, what with the tranny’s funeral immediately following. Were they not just mocking Holy Mother Church, but also mocking orthodoxy and the notion that Our Lord is the all-powerful victor in the great spiritual warfare as repeatedly noted by Fr. Ripperger?

When hearing Fr. R had come there to speak, I actually told my wife, “Wow, props to St. Patrick’s. Can’t believe they agreed to let Fr. R in, and that an actual orthodox-sounding rector personally welcomed him and interviewed him.”

Just speculating, but I have to assume that in the wake of this, Fr. Ripperger has reached through the phone to make some strong recommendations (and maybe admonishments?) to that rector, given the recent occasion of their acquaintance.

God bless.

Sadly, I think JS is probably exactly right. If you watch the video clip, when the priest, now identified as Fr. Edward Dougherty, makes his little remark, the satanic audience takes a few seconds to fully process what he said. I think even they were shocked that a Catholic priest made a double/triple entendre reference to being “turned out” in the street slang sense of being converted to sodomy-transvestitism and/or being recruited into prostitution (both apply to that crowd) and it took a second for the full evil of what he said to sink in – EVEN FOR THEM.

Because that’s where we are now folks. Even the demoniacs are left momentarily shocked by the depravity of Novus Ordo Catholic priests.

Remember Fr. Linus Clovis’ axiom:

-Fr. Linus Clovis

Now the action item. Here is the email address of the Rector of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fr. Enrique Salvo, who is NOT the priest who presided over the satanic ritual. If you would like to email the Rector of the Cathedral, Fr. Enrique Salvo, and respectfully let him know that what happened and was allowed to happen was a capital offense according to Divine Law, as explicitly stated in the New Testament by St. Paul in the concluding verse of the first chapter of his Letter to the Romans, and that St. Patrick’s needs to be exorcised and reconsecrated post haste (perhaps by a heterosexual Auxiliary bishop -NYC has five Auxiliaries – or even one of the four retired bishops in the Archdiocese of New York) lest the hellmouth and demonic infestation that was fully manifested be permitted to continue.

Who knows? Maybe the guy is Catholic and straight. He invited Fr. Ripperger in, so there’s a glimmer of hope. Remember, whom you are writing to here is FR. ENRIQUE SALVO, RECTOR OF ST. PATRICK’S CATHEDRAL.

[email protected]

Here’s Raymond Arroyo of EWTN appearing on Faux News, worked up into as much of a lather as these TeeVee types get, but failing to mention that the Cathedral MUST MUST MUST be exorcised and reconsecrated. This is serious business, and even if none of these people actually believe in the preternatural, the preternatural MOST ASSUREDLY believes in them, and the demons are legalistic bastards, and will absolutely capitalize on the opening of the hellmouth until the proper curative steps are taken. Just when you thought New York City couldn’t get any worse….

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.