Not satire: Internet-connected electronic toothbrushes hacked and used to execute a denial-of-service attack.

It’s rapidly approaching, if we aren’t already there, the necessity to go original gangster Atari 2400-style and literally turn off, unplug, and put away in a drawer all electronic devices when not specifically in use. As in turn off your laptop, unplug your router, power off your phone. Everything.

I shan’t insult the intelligence of the readership with admonitions to never buy Wi-Fi connected appliances or gadgets of any stripe. Apparently there are now Wi-Fi connected electronic toothbrushes… that are hacked and become denial-of-service attack-bots. Lovely.

Oh… awkward. This admonition also goes for cars.

Second look at that ’51 Hudson Commodore with the Dynaflow transmission, amirite?

And brush your own teeth with good ol’ elbow grease. Remember your first Reach toothbrush? CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY… in ’82. Good times.

And don’t forget to floss. You don’t have to floss all of your teeth; just the ones you want to keep. 😁

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