Feast of the Proto-Passion and the Love of the Law

EIGHT DAYS.  It took Him EIGHT DAYS from His birth to shed His Blood for us, and He shed His Blood in testimony to the Law, which is derivative of Himself.

And those few drops of His Blood shed at His Circumcision WERE ENOUGH. Every drop of the God-Man’s Most Precious Blood is in itself an infinity of Mercy. But He went thirty-three years further and all the way to the Pillar and to Calvary.  Why? Love. Love of US. Love of YOU, specifically, personally and individually. Pure, infinite gratuitous LOVE.

Circumcision of The Lord (detail), Guido Reni, ARSH 1635, Siena

Ponder this, and then ask yourself these questions:

Would Jesus abandon His Church, EVER? No.

Is there hope, or is hope just a lie, a mere platitude for the immature and/or uneducated peasants who simply can’t come to grips with the futility and hopelessness of it all? Of course there is hope.  The second of the three theological virtues, which is also the Fruit of the Second Glorious Mystery of the Rosary (the Ascension) can never be a lie, and to say that it is a lie is blasphemy of the highest order.

Is God Almighty hamstrung and defeated by a bunch of reprobate sex perverts and Freemasons?  If you think He is, then you don’t know Him very well, if at all.

If God Himself submitted to the Law, does it make sense to say that His Vicar could completely upend Canon Law and only “partially resign”, thus making the Law Itself a violation of the Law of Non-contradiction, that is, both an extant thing and a non-extant thing?  Are Canons 188 and 332.2 both Law and NOT Law? Is the entire Code of Canon Law, the Divine Law and the Natural Law both REAL and NOT REAL?  Is chaos the Divine Will?  If you think that it is, might I recommend that you visit your local mosque.  They worship an irrational faux-deity that is pure will, mutable (changeable), capricious, contemptuous and deceitful.

Is Jesus a jerk who is Himself trying to “give us all the shake” and trick us into apostasizing and entering an Anti-church and going to hell, or is His Church and its visible head… VISIBLE? Extremely, stunningly, shockingly VISIBLE? Terribly VISIBLE, like an… eclipse.

He was VISIBLE in life, VISIBLE in death, and now the absence, the vacancy, is so clearly VISIBLE.

Ponder these things today, on the Feast of the Circumcision.

Happy New Year to one and all.


Go to confession.


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