A question that needs to be asked: Why are these “Fwanciss is definitely the Pope and there’s nothing anyone can do about it so shut up, Stoopid” people so intransigently desirous for the Bergoglian Antipapacy to continue?

Antipope Bergoglio just announced his completely illigetimate, illegal attempted deposition of Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas. Sadly, +Strickland will probably fold and go along with this illegal act by the Antipope and his Antichurch currently occupying the Vatican. That’s what’s so sickening about this whole thing. Every scrap of power that Antipope Bergoglio wields is due 100% to the sheep handing him the power. Bergoglio wields ZERO legitimate power in the Catholic Church. Everything he says and does is built on a foundation of Luciferian deception. And our culture is so far gone that it is now a sick, inverted “virtue” to surrender to evil. Anything- ANYTHING other than any sort of virility. Oh no. Acting like a man, much less a Catholic man, is THE unforgivable sin.

Antipope Bergoglio is also getting ready to guarantee that all future “conclaves” are invalid by tricking the Church into thinking that the governing rules have been abrogated, and that “conclaves” include laywomen and various moral degenerates appointed by the Antipope himself. Again, the pathological incapacity of people to think in a linear progression (Bergoglio is not and never has been the Pope, and therefore has ZERO ability to abrogate or change ANYTHING) is being wielded by Satan as a relentless cudgel.

AND, of course, we have the Antipope and his sodomite child-groomer ghostwriter, Tucho Fernandez, giving the green light to having transvestites be baptized under their drag stage names, to stand as godparents, and for open sodomites to have children they have bought from human traffickers (called “adoption”) be baptized. There is already approval from Bergoglio and Fernandez for “blessings” for sodomites, and it is suspected that some sort of Luciferian sodomitical “marriage rite” will be rolled out next year.

Honest men, like Deacon Nick Donnelly of late, have started publicly acknowledging that Bergoglio obviously isn’t the Pope.

But what I want to draw everyone’s attention to are these people, who with each new egregious act of Antipope Bergoglio, triple, quadruple and quintuple down on the lie that “Fwanciss is DEFINITELY Pope, there have been lots of bad popes before, and there’s absolutely nothing ANYONE can do about this – in fact, it will probably take many decades if not centuries for any of this to be fixed, so shut up, Stoopid!”

The question is this: these people clearly WANT the LIE of Bergoglio being the Pope to be “true”, and to continue, even after Bergoglio dies. Why??? Why would you DEMAND not only that this continue, but that it cannot be fixed in our lifetimes? WHY?

When people like me, NonVeniMark, Dr. Mazza, and the growing number of others step forward and say, “Hey, there has been a HUGE mistake here, let me show you what happened, and this COULD be fixed, and fixed quickly and shockingly easily,” these people fly into a rage at the thought of the Bergoglian Antipapacy being ended and publicly nullified. I’m talking full-blown spittle-flecked nuttys, folks.

Again… WHY?

There are a few of these actors who are running red flags so high up the flagpole that it can’t be ignored. Lots of others are just scared of losing money, careers, etc. But there are a few who have even me scratching my chin and saying, “Whose payroll are these people on?”

Langley (CIA)? Foggy Bottom (State Department)? Davos?

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.