Barnhardt Podcast #199: Karens, Konclaves, and Kineticism — Oh My!

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In this episode we recap Ann’s recent part 3 video — TL;DR: you can’t Vote for Pedro if there’s not a valid election — and muse about how, in this time of near universal error, there has never been an easier time to evangelize far and wide! We also discussed the recent kinetic events in the geographical area formerly known as Palestine, a land conquered by the Blood of Christ and which rightly belongs to those who truly believe what Christ and His Church teach (no matter how much the Karens want to argue this reality). In this month of All Saints and the Poor Souls in Purgatory let us never forget to call on the assistance of the Communion of Saints — and to return spiritual value to the Poor Souls in exchange for the value they can and do give us daily!

Ann’s new Part 3 “ENOUGH” video:

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