Proof of GreenFlag: New York Times, AP, Reuters and CNN were all literally embedded with the Hamas terrorists on 10/7.

So… the Powers That Be, the mainest of the Mainstream Media, and therefore also the Washington DC cabal, and therefore Tel Aviv knew. Dick Cheney, Lindsey Graham and John McCain’s ghost WILL have their nuclear war if they have to Lusitania the whole world to get it. Like I said. Evil, evil, evil. The whole mess. I won’t be tricked any longer into the whole “you HAAAAAVE to pick a SIIIIIDE” trap when both sides are observably evil.

The source link is getting hit so hard that it’s not opening as I write this, so here’s the AceOfSpades story. And remember, AoS is 1000% pro-Israel. It seems that they’re deluding themselves into believing that the NYT, AP, Reuters and CNN are all run by … musloids. Ummm… no. 🤦🏻‍♀️. Just no.

Remember Barnhardt Axiom #5: Nobody hates the Jews more than the Jews hate the Jews.

(cough, cough) NYT, CNN, Reuters, and AP Reporters Were Embedded With the Terrorist Killers of 10/7; Kept Silent About Coming Slaughter So That They Could Get Good Juicy Propaganda Pictures for Hamas

I don’t even know what to say.

On October 7, Hamas terrorists were not the only ones who documented the war crimes they had committed during their deadly rampage across southern Israel. Some of their atrocities were captured by Gaza-based photojournalists working for the Associated Press and Reuters news agencies whose early morning presence at the breached border area raises serious ethical questions.

What were they doing there so early on what would ordinarily have been a quiet Saturday morning? Was it coordinated with Hamas? Did the respectable wire services, which published their photos, approve of their presence inside enemy territory, together with the terrorist infiltrators? Did the photojournalists who freelance for other media, like CNN and The New York Times, notify these outlets?Judging from the pictures of lynching, kidnapping and storming of an Israeli kibbutz, it seems like the border has been breached not only physically, but also journalistically.

AP: Photojournalists or Infiltrators?

Four names appear on AP’s photo credits from the Israel-Gaza border area on October 7: Hassan Eslaiah, Yousef Masoud, Ali Mahmud, and Hatem Ali.
Eslaiah, a freelancer who also works for CNN, crossed into Israel, took photos of a burning Israeli tank, and then captured infiltrators entering Kibbutz Kfar Azza.

HonestReporting has obtained screenshots of Eslaiah’s now-removed tweets on X in which he documented himself standing in front of the Israeli tank. He did not wear a press vest or a helmet, and the Arabic caption of his tweet read: “Live from inside the Gaza Strip settlements.”

Masoud, who also works for The New York Times, was there as well — just in time to set foot in Israeli territory and take more tank pictures.

Ali Mahmud and Hatem Ali were positioned to get pictures of the horrific abductions of Israelis into Gaza.

Mahmud captured the pickup truck carrying the body of German-Israeli Shani Louk and Ali got several shots of abductees being kidnapped into the Strip.

Interestingly, the names of the photographers, which appear on other sources, have been removed from some of the photos on AP’s database. Perhaps someone at the agency realized it posed serious questions regarding their journalistic ethics.

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I think this means that the NYT, CNN, AP, and Reuters have photographic proof of the war crimes committed by their compatriots — but are hiding that proof because Hamas wants it hidden.

I’m no Trump fan, but I do believe that his six-word answer a few months back when the MSM bimbette tried to run that game on him with the Russia-Ukraine mess was possibly the best political answer of the 21st century so far: “I want people to stop DYING.” That answer is the exact opposite of the Military Industrial Combine’s and NewWorldOrder’s shared agenda. That’s the sort of statement that gets people assassinated.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.