Updated: THE VISIBILITY OF THE BERGOGLIAN ANTIPAPACY: The most wonderful workings of The Divine Providence

Yes, the Bergoglian Antichurch is a cabal of slack-jawed, mouth-breathing malignant imbeciles… and the Divine Providence (Who has QUITE a sense of humor, it must be said) uses that in order to make manifest the fact that Whore-hay is not, never has been, and never will be the Pontifex Maximus. See the Part 3 video if you’re not up to speed.

Visibility, visibility, visibility. All day, every day.


An epigraph on a new installation in the Roman Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, in front of the high altar, contains an embarrassing error.

On the left is a white cathedra standing on three steps. On the second step is engraved “Franciscus” in Latin, followed by “P.M.A.X.”

These abbreviations make no sense. The correct version would be “Pont. Max.” or “P.M.” for Pontifex Maximus (Supreme Pontiff).

Giovanni Maria Vian, a former editor of L’Osservatore Romano, calls this “yet another manifestation of an undeniable decline of artistic patronage, but more generally of the cultural level, in the Catholic Church” (EditorialeDomani.it, October 21).

“I say, that boy’s about as sharp as a sack of WET MICE.”

The point here, in this absolutely staggeringly STUPID unforced error, is that we have yet ANOTHER example of the Divine Providence making sure that the enemies of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, even coming from a place of abject stupidity, unwittingly state themselves that Jorge Bergoglio ain’t the Pontifex Maximus, but rather whatever “P.M.A.X.” stands for. Since there is no such extant acronym, let’s make one up.

Pedophilic Molestation Accomplice: X-rated

That’s my contribution. What is your acronym for Jorge Bergoglio: P.M.A.X.?

UPDATE: Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

Put Mildly: Ass Xtraordinaire.

Even the stones (and marble slabs) will cry out…

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