TOLDYA: “These kids can’t read. They can’t write a sentence. They don’t know what state they live in. No math skills. They can’t even attend to a three-minute video clip.” Don’t say you weren’t warned.

ANN HERE, despite SuperNerd’s signature on the post footer. I needed him to embed the first video below.

Watch this to the end. My VERY, VERY, VERY un-woke comments follow.

Since it is my vocation in life to say the things that everyone else is too terrified to say, here we go. Put out the cat. Especially if it’s black.

What this woman in the video above is describing is nothing less than the decades-long goal of dumbing ALL students down to the level of welfare-class blacks in order to achieve “equity” in the schools. Folks, I dropped out of high school largely because of this. Also the open rape threats by black guys while sitting four feet away from a teacher in study hall who had announced on the first day of school in August of ARSH 1992 that, “I’m retiring this year and I don’t give a shit about any of you. Do not talk to me. Do not bother me. Leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone.” He wasn’t kidding. Even hearing a six foot tall black guy threaten to rape my fifteen year old person, less than 100 pounds soaking wet, didn’t phase that POS “teacher” in the slightest. I looked at the teacher after the black guy said, “Bitch, you uptight. You need a gud f***”, locked eyes with the teacher, he looked down at his magazine, I got up and walked to the school office and said, “Draw up the withdrawal papers. I’m done. I’m never coming here again.” Punchline? The lib boomer gifted teacher, having been summoned at the news that Ann Barnhardt – as in the-one-who-was-skipped-twice Ann Barnhardt – was demanding withdrawal, looked at me, called me a “princess” and asked, “Who in the hell do you think you are?” To my eternal shame, I did NOT say, “Who do I have to be?” I said, “Well, I know I’m better than this.” Derp. Such a lost rhetorical opportunity. Anyway, I digress.

Aside from that, the fact that I hadn’t learned anything in YEARS was another huge factor. Why continue to go to a school in which nothing is taught? And WHY was nothing being taught? Because of the ITBS standardized tests – Iowa Test of Basic Skills. The Leavenworth, Kansas school district lived and died by the ITBS scores, and what the ITBS scores showed EVERY YEAR, in EVERY CLASS in EVERY SCHOOL was that the ghetto black kids were basically frozen at the first grade level. I was in Kindergarten with a ghetto black boy who was SUB-VERBAL. He could not speak. When I was in 7th grade, many of the ghetto blacks were already EXACTLY what the woman in the video above describes. While the average kids were doing one more year of arithmetic, the smart kids were in Algebra. That ghetto blacks were in what was called “consumer math”. As in, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and MAYBE fractions and decimals. And those kids did EXACTLY the same “consumer math” curriculum every year, just maybe with a different name like “Practical Math”. And they would fail. Every year. They couldn’t write, hell, they couldn’t speak except in James Brown-esque incomprehensible ebonic yelling.

And why? The woman above alludes to it – because the ONLY verbalization they got at home was from their mother (if she wasn’t an absentee crack whore), their 35 year-old grandmother, and their various and sundry “ON-tees” yelling commands at them. GETUP! GET DRESS! GET OVER ‘ERE! GOTA BED! SHUDUP! EAT DAT!  The only advantage the kids 30+ years ago had was… believe it or not… television. They were at least exposed to a little bit of English language if only from watching Donnie Simpson hosting Video Soul on BET. Man, here’s a time capsule for you. This guy was the Adam Curry of BET.

But today, children across the board from ghetto blacks to affluent whites, have basically zero interaction with their parents at home, and their parents, mostly now BORN in the late ’80s through early 2000’s are themselves hopelessly uneducated and CONTRA-educated, and, like their parents are slavishly attached to “personal screens”. And, again, saying what others are too terrified to say, these children are becoming hard-core pornography addicts well before the age of ten.

So what has happened now is that the objective of the Communist infiltrators has come to full-flower. Remember, it is an axiom of global Communism that all that is needed to conquer a nation is to gain control of the schools. And then, you’re looking at ONE GENERATION. Which is basically 30 years, to full conquest. In the name of “EQUITY” and “EQUALITY”, they have now essentially reduced ALL students to the level of the ghetto blacks of 30 years ago: illiterate, sub-verbal, zero math skills, zero attention span, zero background knowledge.

How did they do this?

  1. Destruction of the nuclear family, in particular removing fathers from households, both physically and passively. LBJ took care of the destruction of the black family first with the Great Society, but now it’s EVERYONE. What is worse, to have a totally absentee father, or some obese low-T heterosexual faggot slob laying around noshing edible marijuana and inculcating his spawn into the vidja gamer slothstyle? Discuss amongst yourselves.
  2. Infiltration of the schools.
  3. Glorification of the black hip-hop culture and universally instilled hatred of any intellectual life, pursuit or achievement.
  4. Electronic devices – people literally do not SPEAK TO EACH OTHER anymore, especially parents and children. Children do not even hear adults talking amongst themselves.
  5. CoronaScam lockdowns and masks.

We have known PERFECTLY WELL for DECADES that this has been coming. When did Jay Leno start his “JayWalking” segment in which he asked “average Americans” VERY SIMPLE QUESTIONS about history, civics, science, etc. and the big laugh was that so many people were completely ignorant of even the simplest facts of the world around them?

Today, the internet is RIFE with videos of undergrads at universities like UCLA, and just young whites in general, completely unable to answer exactly the “general background information” questions that they lady above is referencing with her 7th graders.

Here’s a YouTube video of a bunch of “spring breakers”, many of them white, being asked SIMPLE questions, and only the guy from Azerbaijan can answer any of them. I’m only posting the title, because they’re almost all nekkid, and most of the whites are STRIVING for their Type-2 Beetus diplomas. “College Students Fail American History Trivia”. If you don’t want to see beachwear and/or pre-obesity, don’t go searching for it. Just take my word. But, if you do, remember EVERY ONE OF THESE KIDS GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL EASILY, AND WERE THEN ACCEPTED INTO COLLEGE.

Tell me the dumbing-down of the education system to match the “lowest common denominator” – exactly what I said when sitting in the Leavenworth High School guidance office these 31 years ago – isn’t EXACTLY what has happened.

Kids who are in the 7th grade today are 13 years old. In ten years they will be 23, in fifteen years they will be 28, and in twenty years they will be 33.

I’m 47 today – using me as the low-to-median age of the readership here, in ten years I will be 57. In fifteen years I will be 62. In twenty years I will be 67.

Folks, you better have a plan. And your plan needs to account for the ability of the society you live in to maintain the ability to have such luxuries as running cold potable water, flush toilets, electrification, commodity production and transport, antibiotic production and delivery, and anesthetized surgery by a skilled surgeon… just to name a few items. And, of course, the Sacraments of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

All y’all’s kidz and grankidz be ghetto, now. Word.

My advice? The same as Our Lord’s, naturally:

And when you shall see the abomination of desolation, standing where it ought not: he that readeth let him understand: then let them that are in Judea, flee unto the mountains…
Cum autem videritis abominationem desolationis stantem, ubi non debet, qui legit, intelligat : tunc qui in Judaea sunt, fugiant in montes…
Mark 13: 14

In other words, GET OUTTA DODGE, Y’ALL. Step 1: Get your children and grandchildren OUT OUT OUT of the public and infiltrated private schools.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.