Now… where’s my video tripod? It must be in one of these boxes somewhere…

Yes, I’m watching this seemingly coordinated campaign by Trad Inc. to gaslight and browbeat the Remnant Faithful into joining their “Fwanciss is definitely Pope, stupid!” trainwreck of error and denial of observable, objective reality.

You all know that they are in the minority, yes? A considerable plurality of pew-sitting Trad Catholics, also known as… Catholics, now believe firmly that Bergoglio is an Antipope and has been from the beginning. It’s about 2:1. Truth isn’t a democracy, but the Sensus Fidelium, the Sense of the FAITHFUL; not the sense of the people, the sense of the world, or even the sense of the baptized, is very real. Believing Catholics know what’s up, and without much difficulty. Because… it’s so glaringly obvious. The Sensus Fidelium isn’t some gnostic superpower. It’s the ability to see the obvious, right in front of you. It’s nothing special in a sane Christian world. But this isn’t a sane Christian world, and so the sane are decried as “crazy” by the world. Wow, it’s almost like this was all laid out and we were forewarned of exactly this in the Holy Gospels or something….

I’m just watching them all make these idiotic, illogical, ahistorical and frankly embarrassing arguments, if you can even call it “argument”, taking copious notes, and digging out the video equipment.

Yeah, unfortunately there is going to have to be a “Part 3” Barnhardt video on the Bergoglian Antipapacy. But, I guess that’s probably a good thing considering Part 2 was recorded in ARSH 2019 when we were young and innocent, and Pope Benedict was still alive. My, how time does fly.

Now that Antipope Bergoglio is fixing to “ratify” the buttsecks by having sodomitical aping of the sacrament of holy matrimony codified in his Sin-nodal Antichurch, and probably likewise aping the sacrament of Holy Orders by initiating the fake ordination of women, Trad Inc., acting hand-in-glove with Freemasonry, is demanding the abolition of the Papacy by DEMANDING that you assent to the lie that “Fwanciss is definitely Pope” and therefore the Papacy in se is a disastrous lie from the beginning and must be abolished for the good of mankind and the Church.

Well, they can shove that noise.

Every time you hear the abject lie that “the Papacy has always been this bad”, you’re hearing the voice of satan himself trying to trick “even the Elect” into doing his dirty work for him in destroying the Petrine See. It’s so obvious. So glaringly obvious.

There’s nothing more pathetic, if I may be permitted to use a chess analogy, than a player resigning when not only is the board NOT hopeless, but a checkmate is actually at hand, if Dumb-Dumb would just LOOK AT THE BOARD. That’s exactly what Trad Inc. is doing. It’s beyond pathetic.

So don’t worry. I’m watching. And the more stupid stuff these people say, the more rhetorical ammo I have. Not that one needs “ammo” to catch fish in a barrel. But, I’ve always been good with a scattergun.

Now, which box is my camera tripod in…?

“Oh no… not again….”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.