Too good not to share. It is grounded women THEMSELVES who best understand that women’s suffrage is civilizational suicide.

An EXTREMELY munificent donation just came through from a “based” lady, as the young folks say. Check out the message field attached to the ContinueToGive receipt… 💪🏻🙂👍

Deepest thanks to one and all of my donors and supporters, and remember my policy from day one of my glorified begging: once you’re on the Barnhardt Benefactor/Supporter list, you never come off, even if you decide that you hate my guts and I’m evil incarnate or whatever. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered for you and for all current and former benefactors and supporters daily, and of course my multiple daily prayers, such as they are, for your intentions and the salvation of your souls.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.