Ivermectin Poison Ivy results PLUS a request for other Ivermectin treatment trials: Athlete’s Foot, Acne (especially teenagers), fungal nails.

Poison Ivy trial results below. They are… COMPELLING.

Now: let’s try Ivermectin applied topically, and ideally with concurrent oral dosage – attack dermal maladies from both the outside AND the inside – on

–Athlete’s Foot,

–Acne, and

–fungal nails.

Probably the best topical option is the horse paste, just because of the viscosity, but I myself use the 1% injectable as a topical treatment. The 1% injectable carriers are propylene glycol and glycerol formal, so it goes on the skin like a very light oil. Not at all unpleasant.

My goodness. How many youngsters suffer from and are even scarred by acne… and we might have the answer in Ivermectin. Again, I would STRONGLY suggest doing BOTH a topical AND oral dose so that you’re attacking from the surface AND from underneath via the bloodstream. And yes, I would do the full treatment dose per the body weight dosage table HERE. Don’t mess around. As per the post below, Ivermectin is provably one of the safest drugs in the world.

I hope this helps!!!

Ave Maria! Ann you asked in one of your posts if anyone has tried Ivermectin on Poison Ivy. Yesterday an elderly woman in her late 70’s who volunteers helping with gardening around our friary complained to me that her poison ivy was itching and extremely troublesome for her. She had contracted it on July 15th and said it seemed to be mild until the other day when she worked up a sweat in the extremely hot weather we have been having. She has it not only on her arms but even around her lower legs around her ankles. I asked her if she was willing to be a guinea pig and try Ivermectin. She agreed and she applied about two doses of the horse paste on her arms and ankles. I have attached before and after photos. She applied it around 11:50am and the itching stopped within 15 minutes and as you can see in the after photo which was about an hour later the swelling and redness had gone down noticeably. She told me later that the itching returned at about 2pm. Just for further information she has been vaxxed at least twice, not sure about the booster. I did not know if she would be open to taking it orally. If so, would you use the dosage for weight if one has COVID on your chart? Hope this helps and others have supplied you with some testimony. Ave Maria!

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