Barnhardt was calling people “Wannabe Dictator” before it was cool…

Y’all old-school readers remember my billboards facing eastbound I-70 just outside of Junction City, Kansas that I had over a decade ago in ARSH 2011-2012?


I was calling out the fake resident of the White House as “Wannabe Marxist Dictator” before it was cool.


And let’s face it, in terms of policy, it is observably obvious that the Demented Pedophile Traitor Biden isn’t calling the shots – it is widely understood that the Obama Cabal, the group of Communists stretching back to the 1940s who tapped, groomed and installed Soetoro/Obama, is running policy out of their Kalorama D.C. headquarters and intend to put Michelle in the White House as the next puppet front.

Yeah, I’m more and more convinced that history will define the total final overthrow, death and replacement of the United States of America as ARSH 2008. ARSH 2008 isn’t when the overthrow started, it is when it was accomplished. Everything since then has been KAYFABE.


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.