Your friendly periodic reminder: UFO’s ARE FAKE and GAY

Click over and read Briggs’ piece from two years ago, but what I really want to scream from the mountaintops was articulated in Briggs’ combox by “Zundfolge”. It’s soooooooo obvious. I mean, like Bergoglio-is-an-Antipope obvious…

“I suspect the public is being primed for some sort of announcement of ‘contact with alien intelligence’. This ‘alien intelligence’ will actually be human and terrestrial in origin, but TPTB will pretend they’re talking to space aliens and the space aliens have told us they won’t let humanity join ‘the brotherhood of the cool species’ until we stop using fossil fuels, eating meat, owning property, etc.

In other words they’re going to use these faux aliens as a pretext for more the people to hand more of their lives, liberties and property over to the Globalists.”

The only thing Zundfolge leaves out is that the Fake Gay Alien psyops will also attempt to deny the existence of God, most especially God Incarnate, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Just watch. If it happens, the Fake Gay Alien “messages” will be boilerplate Freemasonic pantheistic “the only divinity is your own intellect” crap. Atheist apostates will eat it up. Some already are.


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