Easter Morning Sunrise Cocktail: The Cimabue

Breakfast of champions, right here. A glorious pick-me-up, and for those who might have had gin after the Vigil, a bit of the hair of the dog. (I did not – I had bubbly 🍾🥂)

And yes, we heard ALL. TWELVE. PROPHECIES. last night. It was… glorious.

Happy Easter! Christ is truly risen!!!!!!

The Cimabue:

Juice of a red grapefruit or blood orange, freshly squeezed

Stout Splash of Cointreau or Grand Marnier

Top with any bubbly white or rosé: Prosecco, Franciacorta (Italian Champagne) or Champagne

And here’s the non-negotiable kicker:

Finish with SALT, preferably freshly ground.

The salt gives it not only incredible flavor, but needful electrolytes.

Remember, this is called the “Cimabue” (CHEE-ma-BOO-ay).

I have served it in Champagne coupes, martini glasses and large flutes. Even a large format red glass with a stem would work well. And don’t forget the SALT!!!

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