Something beautiful… and heartbreaking.

Here is a picture of the Palm Sunday Procession of the St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Philadelphia in ARSH 1958.

Every layman in this picture is black. St. Charles Borromeo was, at that time, in a black neighborhood. For those who know Philly, it’s at 20th and Christian on the South Side.

THIS is what black inner-city Philly was like in ARSH 1958.

The world today is so fallen, so impoverished, that if any one of us were to be transported there, for just a few hours, we would think that we had experienced a foretaste of heaven. There is nowhere left on this planet today that has 1% of the class and Christian civility that you see in this picture of inner-city Philadelphia, sixty-five years and five days ago. Look at how the people are dressed, and how the lad servers are comported. Consider how within seven years, LBJ’s Great Society was at full war against American blacks, in twelve years, it was all gone, and within fifty years… well. Some things are so foul and reprehensible that they can hardly be discussed, and the Rap/HipHop anti-culture is near the top of that list.

Never before in postdiluvian human history has so much been lost so fast.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.