Happy ‘Drive the Sodomites Out’ Day! (Didn’t You Know? “Snakes” is Code for Sodomites.)

Saint Patrick’s greatest miracle was driving all of the sodomites out of Ireland.  This was a key reason why he was recognized as a saint, and this was one of his greatest miracles.  “Snakes” is code for ‘sodomites’ – back when people literally did not discuss sodomites and sodomy out loud because it is THAT DISGUSTING. So when people say that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, what they’re saying without scandalizing children and pious ears is:



Can you imagine?  Can you imagine what a vastly, vastly improved world this would be if there were NO SODOMITES? NO TRANSVESTITES? NO SEX PERVERTS OF ANY KIND?

Heck, can you IMAGINE what The Church would be if every sodomite seminarian, monk, priest, bishop and cardinal, and every lesbian nun were driven out? The cancer of sodomy is precisely why the Communists and Freemasons specifically recruited, embedded and promoted sodomites into and up through the ranks of the institutional Church in the 20th Century. Well played. The strategy was wildly effective, there is absolutely no denying that.

I was asked about the Epistle from the Third Sunday in Lent, from St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, chapter 5, in which St. Paul states that there are some things so spectacularly foul, so disgusting, “let it not so much as be named among you.”

The question to me was, what do I make of this, since a goodly portion of my work in these dark days revolves around exposing the sodomites in Rome and in the broad culture, and the general toxicity and intense danger posed by all Diabolical Narcissist sex perverts of every stripe.

My response was that I suppose this business of reporting on and warning about sodomites and all sex perverts is a species of war fighting.  There are certain people (rough and ready types with an intense desire to protect and defend their fellow man) who are called to fight this aspect of the war.  Sadly, since the war is going very, very, very badly for the good side, the war has spilled into the streets, and so the “civilians” are not only being exposed to the horrors of war, they are immersed in the theater, and thus are combatants whether they like it or not.  Only a very, very few can be protected from the horrors and crimes of war – now even children are not spared, in fact, children and adolescents are now the primary targets.

Maybe someday we can all go back to never mentioning those things that are, truly, unmentionable.  Like men who returned from Vietnam, Korea, or the World Wars and “didn’t talk about it”, maybe someday we will all be able to decline to discuss that which is right now quotidian scandal.

Having said all that, do remember in your prayers our good-guy friends who only wanted a career as journalists working in and around the Vatican – thinking that this would be a wholesome, edifying career, and ended up quite unwittingly being immersed in a culture of sodomy and sickening criminality day in and day out.  To say that this is taxing on good people is putting it mildly.

But, in the mean time, let’s all laugh heartily at all of the neo-pagan people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, knowing full well that what they are ACTUALLY celebrating is a powerful saint who



St. Patrick, pray for us, and please report immediately to Rome. We need you.


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