An interesting variation of the Suffrage debate – only married men with natural issue vote

Just to advance the conversation on Suffrage, here is a Briggs piece on his “28th Amendment” proposal. I think the base premise of the USA existing at all, much less operating under the Constitution is totally unrealistic, but the concept of a vote belonging exclusively to married men with natural children is intriguing.

By the way, the entire notion of VOTING by ANYONE is up for debate. My personal opinion is that elected monarchy is the system of governance most needed today, with voting belonging only to such bodies as trade guilds and perhaps at the township level – small enough to allow direct democracy votes by show of hand. This local level direct vote by show-of-hand still exists in Switzerland today.

The former USA is toast, has been for a while, and there is absolutely NO possibility of “voting our way out of this” by amending the Constitution.

HERE’S the Briggs piece.

Let the conversation and planning for after the war begin.

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