Post-Christian effeminate culture and self-gaslighting: He’s explicitly threatening to kill them and they all just sit there.

First, watch. Nothing gory here, just pathetic.

Something I have learned over the years is how to handle drunks, druggies, gypsies and demoniacs who threaten violence in public places, especially churches. I have noticed that this sort of thing is becoming more frequent, and not merely because of any “defund the police” dynamic, but from a deeper source as satan and the demons make bolder and bolder manifestations as the world submits to their rule.

As we watch the video above, we see the male passengers of the plane sitting literally paralyzed as a clearly dangerously insane man explicitly threatens to kill them all. What has happened in our truly sick culture is that the vices of EFFEMINACY (refusing to do the virtuous good because it might reduce one’s personal pleasure and/or comfort) and SLOTH (refusing to do the virtuous good because it is difficult) have caused men to GASLIGHT THEMSELVES whenever they come under attack. That is, men, wallowing in their own effeminacy, tell themselves that what they see happening right in front of their eyes “isn’t really happening”, or is “no big deal”. It takes them far, far too long to respond, if they even respond at all, and our culture is now so far gone that men will now even DEFEND THEIR ATTACKERS purely in order to avoid acting like men and defending themselves, much less the women, children and elderly around them.

So what can one do, even a woman? It’s actually quite simple, and I’ve done this many times, the last time just a few weeks ago when a demoniac entered a church during a Mass I was attending: GIVE PEOPLE PERMISSION TO ACT. In other words, provide leadership to the point of GIVING ORDERS. Quickly scan the space and identify men who could be of help. Disqualify obvious faggots and heterosexual faggots and put them in the same category as elderly women. Then, start giving orders. TELL them, don’t ask them, to rise and approach the attacker. “YOU, YOU and YOU. GET OVER HERE NOW AND HELP.” By TELLING them to act, you have given them permission, which, as passive sheep, they require. Any sense of leadership, initiative or protective impulse has been wrung out of post-Christian man like water out of a sponge. They are incapable of generating it themselves, BUT a few are still capable of contributive action IF and ONLY IF they are given permission by a LEADER.

Once you have a group of men with at least the possibility of subduing a threatening person, give further orders: “If he lunges or touches anyone or pulls a weapon, rush him. Get him face down on the ground.” If I had personally been on that plane, I would have given orders to break both his arms and both his legs. This would completely incapacitate the man without killing him. If required, blows to the head with an improvised cudgel (I have approached threatening people with my metal water flask in hand to use as an improvised sub-optimal blackjack if necessary), or even using an improvised garrotte to knock out via strangulation a threat, is on the table.

Now, many of you reading this might think that I’m just fulfilling my own personal weekend warrior pseudo-masculine fantasies about myself. That may be part of it, but I can also tell you without the slightest doubt due to my own lived experience that some men today will respond to leadership and any semblance of genuine moral authority, EVEN IF THAT LEADERSHIP AND MORAL AUTHORITY IS COMING FROM A WOMAN. Please note the qualifier “MORAL”. It is critical to make the distinction here between the usurpation of authority and pathetic attempts at leadership by screeching harpy feminists, which is precisely the root cause of most men now being de facto castrates, and the rare and sadly occasionally required leadership and moral authority of a woman. Would that it were that I could “let the men handle the situation.” WOULD. THAT. IT. WERE. But as we see in the clip above, the assumed and reliable presence of masculinity is a luxury which our culture no longer affords.

This, once again, brings us to the question of how we present ourselves in public. If I were dressed like an average American slob, and comported myself as your typical American walrus cow feminist, I would wield no MORAL authority, and thus would not be able to effectively LEAD in an emergency situation. But because I am always dressed and comport myself with a gentility that was utterly pedestrian sixty years ago, but is now quite erroneously considered by some a form of LARPing, when I start leading in an emergency situation and giving orders (aka “permission”), it elicits a response. “Oh, crap. THAT lady just took point. This is for real….”

This exact same dynamic applies to men. A well-dressed and comported man (and by that I mean a man wearing actual clothes, i.e a shirt with a collar, pants not shorts, etc., not pajamas, who carries himself with a masculine, serious and respectable bearing) will wield authority over other men, sometimes with only a look. “Get your ass up and get over here” is quite easy to communicate solely with the eyes.

Folks, whether it be on a plane, at Mass, in a restaurant, in a store, at a sporting event, on the street, or ANY situation wherein a drunk or demoniac manifests, and this is only going to keep increasing in frequency, DO NOT do what the people in the clip do – waiting until the very last minute, or until it is too late. If no one immediately takes charge of the situation, if no one provides leadership, if no one gives permission to act, then the simple fact is that YOU are the leader, even if you are a woman – sadly. YOU must take charge, even if you are a woman – sadly. YOU must give the sheep the permission they require, even if you are a woman – sadly. Don’t be effeminate. Don’t be slothful. Don’t gaslight yourself into believing that what is happening right in front of you isn’t happening, or is no big deal, or is normal, or is JUSTIFIED (cough, CoronaScam, cough, death jabs, cough, cough). Don’t be like the people on the plane in the clip above.

To bear with patience wrongs done to oneself is a mark of perfection, but to bear with patience wrongs done to someone else is a mark of imperfection and even of actual sin.
St. Thomas Aquinas

If you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.
St. Thomas Aquinas

Fear not, for I am with thee: turn not aside, for I am thy God: I have strengthened thee, and have helped thee, and the right hand of My Just One hath upheld thee.
Ne timeas, quia ego tecum sum; ne declines, quia ego Deus tuus; confortavi te, et auxiliatus sum tibi, et suscepit te dextera Justi mei.
Isaiah 41: 10

I hope this helps.

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