Patrick Coffin would like for me to assure you that he denounced Kermit the Hermit’s fake Marriott conclave, and knew something was very wrong when KtH went all-in for the Zelensky regime.

Patrick Coffin sends:

“While I did affirm [KtH’s] earlier work on the BiP evidence regarding the Declaratio (a lot of it was, in fact, helpful to me), I have had zero contact with him, no interviews, emails, nada, although I understand he posted some of my content on his website. In fact, I called him out for the retarded airport Marriott fiasco, pointed out his many contradictions, delusions of grandeur, and exposed him as a crank at best. He, or whomever is behind his “Remember Pope Benedict” Twitter account (the vulnerable man in Kansas?), blocked me after issuing his standard hyperbolic insults (absolute liar, a fool/knave etc etc.)

I didn’t know anything about his green habit background or the sketchy Lebanon fund raising, but his throwing money and attention at Ukraine was enough to alert me that something was seriously wrong. The Marriott airport BS is the cherry on top of a whole lot of crazy.”

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