The NewWorldOrder’s obsession with Virtual Reality devices explained: Video Game headsets that kill you in real life if you “die” in the video game.

Mark my words, barring supernatural intervention, this technology WILL become more popular than p*r*ography is today – in fact, it will SUPPLANT p*rn as THE preferred “entertainment” form.

THIS is what Mark Zuckerberg bought and wanted to get his hands on – a Virtual Reality paradigm that kills the user in real life by detonating explosives mounted in the helmet which destroy the forebrain. Die in the VR, die in real life. This concept was first introduced by the satanic transvestite Wachowski brothers in their “Matrix” movies.

I have long said that our satanic culture is careening towards a return to pagan gladiatorial blood sports in which the combatants die. The problem with this is that men in this culture are so universally effeminized and slothful that the sort of physical training required for things like UFC or just boxing (which are non-lethal bloodsports) is totally out of the question for Boobus Narcissistus Post-Christianus. Ah… but VIDEO GAMES. Yes, Boobus Narcissistus Post-Christianus LOVES his video games.

And now, as the world teeters on the brink of collapse, as a massive percentage of people begin to realize that they have injected themselves with poisonous, blood clotting, heart-killing, immune system-frying sterilants, and as the Antichurch with its Antipope and Freemasonic culture of death tell them that all death – even suicide – is mere “soul annihilation” at WORST, and eternal bliss, peace and relief at best, then suicide by video bloodsport will be WILDLY attractive. “Go out as a hero. Go out with millions of ‘followers’ cheering you on. Earn a payout for your peeps to split after you’re dead – or just pay off your debts. You’re helping ‘Mother Earth’. Humans are a cancer upon the earth. Life sucks anyway. You’re never going to be happy. Just end it.”

Yep. It all makes sense. THIS is Zuckerberg and the WEF’s plan for humanity. Everyone sitting around watching “gamers” play Video Game Roulette. Think the Chess channels that you can watch all day in which your favorite players – like a Magnus Carlsen, or a Nakamura – except having their brains blown out if they lose.

You might say, “But no one would ever actually DO that.”

Friends, they would have an absolutely inexhaustible line of people BEGGING to do it. As soon as the technology becomes widely available, people will commit suicide like this EVEN WITHOUT A MONETRARY OR FAME INCENTIVE. They will kill themselves like this alone in their rooms, voluntarily. Prison inmates will do it and will be happily facilitated. Upper middle-class soccer moms will do it.

We live, right now, in the biggest, most widespread and casually accepted cult of human sacrifice ever in human history. What is happening right now is the transition from murder as the primary method of killing the human sacrifice victims, to suicide. As the sterilant injections and the total voluntary unwillingness of even healthy humans to reproduce take effect, suicide through injections (and one must also include the self-mutilation of transvestitism) will have to replace abortion to keep the Pachamama’s bloodlust satisfied.

Ten years from today – barring supernatural intervention – all of the children that were made into Diabolical Narcissists by the masks will be watching this, considering it, and doing it.

THIS will be the next iteration of “DIED SUDDENLY”.

Stay confessed.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.