Annual Tradition: Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?

Every year I am surprised and humbled by how many greetings and good wishes come in – you all MUST have marked the date in your Outlook or whatever Contacts/email platform you use and get an automatic notification?  At any rate, thank you so very, very much for the kind remembrances and prayers as solar lap 46 is completed.

I am now in my LATE forties, thank you very much. Which means: NO MORE MESSING AROUND! LET’S GOOOO!!!

Let us keep the annual tradition, begun nineteen(!!!) years ago now, just a matter of a few weeks after I launched as a website to post my morning and afternoon cattle and grain market comments, of posting one of my favorite bluegrass songs performed by the Cox Family featuring Alison Krauss, “Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?”  

Saints Simon & Jude, on your vigil, pray for us!

I am thinking today of that beautiful land
We shall reach when the sun goeth down
When through wonderful grace by my Saviour I stand
Will there be any stars in my crown?
Will there be any stars, any stars in my crown
When at evening the sun goeth down?
When I wake with the blest in those mansions of rest
Will there be any stars in my crown?
In the strength of the Lord let me labor and pray
Let me watch as a winner of souls

That bright stars may be mine in that glorious day
When His praise like the sea billow rolls.
Oh, what joy it will be when His face I behold
Living gems at His feet to lay down
It would sweeten my bliss in the city of gold
Should there be any stars in my crown.
Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.