UNPRECEDENTED PODCAST REPOST: Barnhardt Podcast #026: A Dog’s Breakfast in a Dumpster Fire: The Second Vatican Council

(A first ever: a PODCAST repost! As you can see, this episode from September ARSH 2017, when we were all so young and so innocent, is just ever-so-slightly timely and relevant right now in the year of the Pocket Ducks. Episode #180 is in the can, and will be posted anon. -AB ’22)

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In this episode we discuss Flammantem Receptaculum Repleti Jentaculum Canis (the flaming dumpster filled with a dog’s breakfast) more commonly referred to as the Second Vatican Council (or Vatican 2 for short). The documents which were discussed and voted on at the Council weren’t based on the original schema assembled by Cardinal Otavianni and his preparatory team; rather, they were a substituted agenda put in place after the council was hijacked during its first week! We look at part of one of the documents from this original schema which deals with marriage and the family and contrast it to Amoris Laetitia which is almost an exact, point for point, contradiction.


0:00 Intro. Direct answer to the question: Is Vatican II a failed Council?  YES!! It is a catastrophically failed Council, obviously.
06:03 The hijacking of Vatican II.  The original schemas (documents outlining the agenda) were clear, powerful, prophetic and CATHOLIC.
08:37 The results of the preparatory poll that was sent to all of the world’s bishops asking what Vatican II SHOULD should have addressed. Near the top: DENOUNCING GLOBAL COMMUNISM.
11:30 The despicable silencing and humiliation of Good Cardinal Ottaviani on Day 3 of the Council.
16:39 Other primary goals of the original schemas as recounted by Archbishop Lefebvre, who worked with Cardinal Ottaviani in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Vatican II was supposed to have finished the work of the Council of Trent and once-and-for-all driven a stake through the heart of Protestantism.
23:00 The obviousness and undeniability of the catastrophic failure of Vatican II
25:35 Shouldn’t the fact that all of the Freemasonic-Modernist-Sodomite infiltrators DEMAND total fealty to Vatican II, it’s “spirit” and its documents, and that all catechesis and theology be done through the lens of Vatican II be… informative?
28:44 All Vatican II documents were intentionally written to be unclear and to say “nothing and everything”. One of the fruits of Vatican II has been the past half-century of WASTING TIME trying to make sense and reconcile to the actual infallible Magisterium, Tradition and Scripture documents that were written in malice to be confusing and diabolically disorienting.  STOP TALKING ABOUT VATICAN II.
34:14 The documents of Vatican II are intentionally saturated with LOOPHOLES.
36:13 A lack of clarity comes from hell.Bergoglio’s true motto, “Hagan lio!” means, “Raise hell!” Diabolical Narcissists derive intense Narcissistic satisfaction from announcing to their victims their intention to commit crimes and/or abuse against them, and then watch the victim let them do it, and even defend them.
40:02 You couldn’t write this as a novel: How could faithful Catholics, “the Elect”, possibly be deceived into following the False Prophet into apostasy as explicitly foretold by Our Lord in Matthew 24:24?  Ask no more. WE ARE SEEING THAT VERY THING HAPPEN RIGHT NOW, BEFORE OUR VERY EYES.
43:29 In these dark days, we need to look very closely at friendships, and even familial relations and make sure that we put nothing and no one above God, lest we break the First Commandment by committing the sin of idolatry.
46:21 How the Rosary counters idolatry
52:54 How modern “entertainment” has rendered people incapable of prayer, and generally unable to focus, think logically or to mentally multitask.
57:02 Paragraph 4 of the ORIGINAL Vatican II schema document on Marriage and Family.  Prophetic condemnation of transsexualism, sterilization, and in vitro fertilization.
01:04:44 Paragraph 5 of the ORIGINAL Vatican II schema document on Marriage and Family. Man DOES NOT have the right to have sex. Re-emphasizing the total condemnation without exception of adultery, fornication, effeminacy, homosexuality and masturbation.  Explicit prophetic condemnation of the argument (Amoris Laetitia Chapter 8) that sometimes sexual sins “cannot be avoided”.
01:11:20 Wrap up


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