Expansion on the Queen Elizabeth Piece: The World Has Been Conditioned To Accept That Their Visible Leaders Have No Actual Authority (cough, Biden, cough)

I want really to draw everyone’s attention to the psy-op that has been going on for decades that the death of Queen Elizabeth has brought to the fore, but applies to almost all post-Christian western governments, and has exactly the same nefarious intent as the attack on the Papacy via the Bergoglian Antipapacy.

All of us today have been conditioned to not only accept but casually and easily take it for granted that the people we see presented as heads of state have no real power or authority. And this pre-dates Spongebrain Shitpants by decades. I think in terms of the Presidency of the US/Former US, the last person that I bought as having any actual power and decision-making capacity in the White House was, believe it or not, Bill Clinton. Everyone knew that Dick Cheney was running the Bush43 White House, and that Obama was an imbecile that spent his days watching the “big swetty mens” play the sportsballs while engaging in depraved acts with Reggie Love. In a similar vein, Trump spent his days obsessively watching cable news and Tweeting, and if he were actually functioning as the chief executive he wouldn’t have had time for any of that. Demented Biden was clearly installed with Retarded Harris as “stability insurance” so that Obama’s handlers (Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, the Gates cabal, BigTech, BigFinance and Beijing) could have a “third term”. And everyone is fine with that.

Please note again the inversion here: the people presented to us as being “in power” are powerless puppets AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT.



Presidents had real power, and ran the Executive Branch. Queen Victoria, even as a young woman of nineteen, wielded massive power and caused a real constitutional crisis when she refused to have new ladies-in-waiting at the first change of government during her reign. It was called “The Bedchamber Crisis”.

High-ranking public officials, heads of state, monarchs and THE POPE (and I’m talking about actual Popes, not Antipope Bergoglio) used to wield genuine authority. Pope Benedict’s catastrophic failure was a lack of faith in the authority that he possesses as the Vicar of Christ. He had and still has universal jurisdiction and supreme authority over the Church Militant because he is the one and only Vicar of Christ on Earth – whether he likes it or not.

Pope Benedict himself, a product of the 20th century German/Nouvelle Theologie school, fell for this Modernist lie that the Pope has no REAL authority, because monarchy is a supposedly “expired” paradigm in the “modern, democratized world”. And understand, “modern, democratized world” means “Freemasonic New World Order”. This catastrophic error migrated UP to the Papacy from the secular realm where authority in se has been under this subtle attack by Freemasonry for decades. Pope Benedict famously demonstrated this lack of faith when during a meeting with Bishop Fellay of the SSPX in Pope Benedict’s office in the Apostolic Palace, Bishop Fellay asked Pope Benedict, “Why don’t you just do what needs to be done?” Pope Benedict replied by pointing to the door of his office and saying, “My authority ends at THAT DOOR.” Which is totally, totally erroneous.

Pope Benedict to this day has universal jurisdiction over the entire world, even the entire physical universe, literally. Pope Benedict is the Pope on the moon, and in the Andromeda Galaxy, and on every point of light the the James Webb telescope is showing us. And the mess we’re in now with the Bergoglian Antipapacy is, sadly, due to Pope Benedict’s lack of faith in his office, which he surely acquired from the Freemasonic undermining of not just the secular monarchies of the world, but also of secular high offices, such as President, Prime Minister and the rest, as Freemasonic bureaucrats, corporations and NGOs have seized the reigns of power.

The reason that Trad Inc partisans today have no belief in the authority of the Papacy and are working just as hard as the aproned devils in the Grand Lodge to destroy it, despite the fact that they were all totally sound on the question ten years ago today, is because Pope Benedict himself scandalized them into this grave error. BUT, it must be said that the pump had been primed by the joke of the American presidency, with the installation of the Indonesian national Barry Soetoro as the final coup de grace to the American and American-adjacent zeitgeist.

And so now it seems “natural” for Trad Inc partisans, not to mention Novus Ordo Catholics, to justify their totally irrational and self-contradictory insistence that Jorge Bergoglio is the Pope and that Pope Benedict validly resigned (which he CLEARLY, OBVIOUSLY did not) by citing, even if just internally, the fact that leaders in the post-Christian west are understood and assumed to be figurehead puppets, and therefore the apostate open enemy of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, Bergoglio, could TOTES be the Pope, because the Papacy is and always has been, like today’s post-American presidency, like the current Queen/King of England, just a ceremonial mascot that is of no real import, and thus the Law of Non-contradiction can be easily shrugged-off.

And that, folks, is why the British Monarchy “Head of State AND Totally Powerless”, and now especially Spongebrain Shitpants being trotted out as “pResident” of the former U.S., matters, and how it ultimately points to the objective of the real driver and mastermind behind current events, satan, whose objective is the total destruction of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, by means of striking the Church at its earthly head, FROM THE INSIDE.

The Pope has REAL AUTHORITY, because it was given to him by Jesus Christ Himself in the Gospels, and in perpetuity until Our Lord returns in Glory, which could be any minute now, at the rate things are going. Christ set up His Church as an elected monarchy with supernatural negative protection against teaching error on matters of faith and morals precisely because this system PREVENTS CHAOS. Look at every Protestant and Schismatic church on earth – the one word that sums it all up is CHAOS.

Likewise, after this war, if the world continues to spin, then the notion of AUTHORITY must be re-learned and re-implemented, such that governments, rich in subsidiarity, can function and the CHAOS that inevitably comes from the LACK of competent, transparent authority can be beaten back and prevented.

Step One: The people in charge have to ACTUALLY be in charge, beginning with The Church, which means that the Bergoglian Antipapacy MUST be acknowledged and that the Papacy of Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger which began in April ARSH 2005 continues until he either dies, or validly resigns. Anything less is CHAOS, and CHAOS is of the devil.

Look at the CHAOS that just two years of Spongebrain Shitpants has yielded. THIS likely ends in nuclear war:

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.