Aaaaaaaand… Ivermectin clears Jock Itch. (Are we surprised?)

Jock Itch is very similar to Athlete’s Foot – a fungal infection of the skin in the groin caused by excess moisture and chafing. But, like Athlete’s Foot, once you get it, it can be difficult to clear.

Well, not to my surprise at all, over the transom come reports that taking Ivermectin prophylactically helps prevent and clear Jock Itch – which makes perfect sense.

A couple of things to remember: if someone develops skin fungal infections from the chafing and moisture caused by obesity, that’s disgusting and you MUST MUST MUST lose weight, not just “manage” the side effects.

If you develop Athlete’s Foot or Jock Itch from sweating in poorly-breathing clothes, just fix that. Get a cotton or wool layer to wick moisture away from the skin. Wearing polyester or nylon socks and/or underwear is just a bad idea in general.

The reports I’ve seen about Jock Itch are as a totally unforeseen “happy surprise” side-effect of taking Ivermectin orally; but as with Athlete’s foot, I see no reason not to apply the Pony Paste as a topical treatment directly on the skin as well. Get it from both the inside and the outside.

Poor Lou. He just needed some Vitamin I and cotton boxers. But points to Flahrda Snow Bird Mr. Ferretti for having kept it old-school low-key back in the Nine-O and calling it… “Heat Rash”. IYKYK 😉


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