TEN priests like this man could convert the world.

This is Fr. James Mawdsley.

This is the priest who was tortured and spent over a year as a political prisoner in the dungeon-prisons of Burma. I had the opportunity to meet him very briefly many years ago before he was ordained.

Fr. Mawdsley had a null marriage in his youth. Which means he is heterosexual. I’m sorry that I have to point this out, but the fact is germane. If you’re sitting around waiting for same-sex attracted men to stand against the forces of evil… you’re out of your mind.

Fr. Mawdsley has been voluntarily suspended by the FSSP for refusing to capitulate to the Scamdemic edicts in Europe, and so that he can speak openly about Bergoglio and the Bergoglian attack on the Catholic Church and the Catholic Mass.

This video, it seems to me, is the pinnacle of sanity, right reason and manful virility. Fr. Mawdsley, having been tortured and imprisoned as a political dissident in Burma, has a level of credibility and gravitas that is not only absent in the post-Christian west, but is actively hated and despised by the effeminate men of the fallen west.

St. Philip Neri said, “Give me ten truly detached men, and I will convert the world with them.”

Fr. Mawdsley would be one of that “company of ten” that St. Philip was talking about.

Pray for priests.

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