Fascinating letter over the transom about Elvis Presley… and the SSPX


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Regarding your comment on Elvis Presley, you might be interested in knowing that when Elvis was stationed in Germany, one of his fellow soldiers was Hector Bolduc–later to become Father Bolduc. They were friends.

I never met Father Bolduc, but my understanding is that after Elvis returned from Germany, and Hector Bolduc was ordained a priest, that Elvis made a donation which resulted in Elvis Presley being remembered in the daily Mass in perpetuity. They pray for all benefactors. I do not know if Elvis had donated to the SSPX, or possibly to the Marian Fathers in Stockbridge, MA. I think it was the SSPX.

Father Bolduc was ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre and he remained a priest who prayed the Tridentine Mass.

One never knows about God’s Providence. Elvis has Masses said for his soul every day. Whodda Thunk?


Fr. Bolduc was a veteran of the US Army serving in the European Theatre.

Requiescat in Pace, Father Bolduc.

Requiescat in Pace, Archbishop Lefebvre.

Continued prayers and Masses for Elvis Presley’s soul.

Keep up your great work, Ann.

Yours in Christ,


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